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The 4 Most Inevitable But Meaningful Moments within the ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Finale

‘And Just Like That…’ season 2 involves a detailed.

And Just Like That… Season 2 has been stringing certain narratives along because the start — sprinkling hints at what’s to return with each passing episode but waiting for the denouement to tie the season up with a bow. “The Last Supper” so apropos of the culmination of the season — and Carrie’s 20+ years in that glorious flat — includes a few inevitable moments that, though barely predictable, are not any less impactful. No less emotionally stirring consequently of inevitability — but moderately validating and fulfilling. 

Spoiler Warning for the Season 2 Finale of ‘And Just Like That…’ 

Anthony relinquishes control 

Anthony has had several hangups in his relationship with the younger Italian heartthrob Giuseppe (Sebastiano Pigazzi), who was introduced because the “well-hung Disney Prince” in an earlier episode. Yet, it’s not the person’s well-endowed fortune that has kept Anthony from permitting backdoor entrance. Rather, Anthony at all times called the shots in his previous relationship, and bottoming was not a part of his boudoir repertoire. 

Earlier within the show, his antiquated notions of masculinity and femininity surfaced when he indicated that he’s “the person” in the connection, so he tops. Yet, this viewpoint just isn’t only dated, it’s problematic. Giuseppe explains that they’re each men and flexibility within the bedroom doesn’t change that. Yet, Anthony just isn’t only sexually closed off, but emotionally as well. He puts up partitions and the sex is barely a part of it. He must relinquish control and permit for equal dominance – for he and Giuseppe to call the shots together. He’s becoming a more realized man consequently of his relationship with Giuseppe. 

Anthony and Giuseppe kiss in 'And Just Like That' | TV Promos
Anthony and Giuseppe kiss in ‘And Just Like That’ | TV Promos

Though this moment was inevitable — given all the opposite jabs and quippy remarks about their bedroom escapades — it was a essential step in Anthony’s journey. And, we hope to see his character flourish as a more vulnerable and open man — and a less stuck-in-his-ways gay man with a heteronormative and quite toxic mindset.  

Miranda and Steve reconcile 

Miranda has been running away from exes for much too long. She has been cutting off former flings with fervor because the early days of Sex and the City. There’s only one problem: Steve was not a fling she will be able to dismiss. He just isn’t a one who will stop to affect her life. Miranda and Steve brought a toddler into this world together. And, though she could have had less time with Che, that relationship opened her as much as her queer identity, and it’s going to at all times possess an ideal deal of value. Thus, these two reconciliations were essential for her transition from someone who burns bridges to someone who builds them. After 20 years, she’s going to begin to interrupt a cycle that has ceased to serve her. 

Miranda and Steve in 'And Just Like That' | TV Promos
Miranda and Steve in ‘And Just Like That’ | TV Promos

In an earlier episode, Nya — in a complimentary fashion — noted that she wished she could just write off her ex Andre like Miranda did with Che and Steve. This comment sits poorly with Miranda, who comes to understand that this habit just isn’t admirable or useful. In the season finale, Miranda and Steve reconcile and possess a heartwarming moment that hints at the good friendship that has at all times persevered between them. 

They were at all times lovers and besties. And, though besties could also be far down the trail they’re beginning to walk, friendly exes is the first step. And, it’s a essential step to make sure they’ll proceed to successfully co-parent Brady. There was no way this divorce – initially boiling with hatred, resentment, rage, and regret – wouldn’t reach a plateau and return to baseline. Steve has never been one to carry a grudge against Miranda, and Miranda (though sometimes needing a moment to reflect) at all times involves the conclusion that she is healthier off with a person like Steve in her life — whether it’s romantic or platonic. 

Samanta calls Carrie 

Some time back, news got out that Kim Cattrall’s Samantha would have a really transient cameo within the season 2 finale. Thus, when Carrie’s phone rings and the screen reads “Samatha,” the shock factor is not any longer a part of the experience. Yet, the experience is nonetheless gratifying. Samantha slings some curse words before thanking the flat via speakerphone for all of the wonderful times the group had together all those years ago. 

Samantha on Carrie's Phone in 'And Just Like That' | TV Promos
Samantha name on Carrie’s phone in ‘And Just Like That’ | TV Promos

It’s Samantha just as we remember her. And, the interaction between Carrie and Samantha is compassionate and carefree – an ideal combination of levity and depth. They needn’t say much for the importance to transfer. The call is enough. Samantha tried to get back to New York…for one single night. That gesture alone suggests, through thick and thin, there’ll at all times be love between these two characters (note: we’re not talking concerning the actors). 

Aidan leaves Carrie…for now 

There was no way Aidan was going to stay around for the run of And Just Like That. Charlotte is married and Samantha is gone. That would go away one single member from the unique group: Miranda. And one single person within the Sex and the City spinoff/reboot (whatever word you’re thinking that suits) just doesn’t work. And, Carrie couldn’t break Aidan’s heart again. She couldn’t do this to him (or to us at home who would have never forgiven her twice)! 

Aidan and Carrie
Aidan and Carrie in ‘And Just Like That’ | TV Promos

When Aidan’s son Wyatt got in that accident, we knew Aidan was a goner. He would never leave Carrie otherwise. He says it himself: his children are the one ones he loves greater than her. Thus, they’re the one ones who can take him away…and the one ones who can take him away with out a fight from Carrie. It was inevitable (and predictable) from the second Aidan got the news. Aidan needed to be the one to depart this time, for he needed to be the one to initiate the heartbreak this time around. It’s only fair. It’s only karmic.

He’ll come back to her, he says — in five years — when Wyatt is out of his teens. If the show continues to be on in five years, this could be an ideal, full-circle series finale… 

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