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Life’s True Treasures: Why What You Chase Matters More Than What…

We grow to be what we love,” says an old quote.

It’s an easy, powerful idea. That is totally true.

For a protracted time, we’ve been told the nice life means having more stuff: an even bigger house, a recent automotive, trendy clothes, the newest technology, the best toys, and so forth.

Because of that messaging we’ve received since birth, we’ve spent much of our energy chasing this stuff, considering they’ll make us pleased.

But fullness of life shouldn’t be present in the things we possess. Real happiness doesn’t come from what we own. Even worse, that line of considering can actually hold us back.

Consider for only a moment the foolishness of defining the nice life when it comes to physical possessions:

Stuff Comes and Goes.

Think about it. Our money situation can change overnight due to things we will’t control, just like the economy or natural disasters or someone’s decision above you at work. Should our happiness ever be tied to things outside our control?

It’s a Luck of the Draw.

The amount of stuff we own often relies on where we were born and who our family is. That’s pure probability. Should something as necessary as our happiness be left to probability?

“Stuff Doesn’t Feed the Soul.

No amount of fabric goods can ever fill the deeper needs all of us have. In fact, often times, chasing stuff takes our attention away from the things that basically make life worthwhile.

More Never Fully Satisfies.

Even individuals who have all the things they may ever want still search for more. If we keep considering that the following recent thing will make us pleased, we’ll never find peace.

So, what should we do?

Rather than specializing in what we have, we give attention to what we’re chasing.

Because we what we pursue in life means so much greater than what we possess!

The things we wish most guide our selections day-after-day. They show us where to place our time, money, and energy. What we chase shapes our lives greater than anything.

And here’s the really excellent news: Every day, we get to decide on what we chase.

We alone get to choose what’s most significant to us. Isn’t that empowering?

So, what are you going to chase?

This is a vital query, and the reply can change your life.

So today go after things which have true, lasting value: love, kindness, fairness, beauty, and hope. Make it your goal to make another person’s world higher, even when it’s just a bit of bit.

When it comes all the way down to it, the value of our life isn’t measured by what we have now. It’s defined by what we go after.

So let’s not waste our days collecting things. Let’s fill them chasing what really counts.

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