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It’s Your Last Likelihood To Watch These Movies Leaving Netflix The End Of August 2023

There needs to be a word for the reliance we having on streaming services. We just expect that our favourite movies will at all times be available to us each time we want a dose of humor or sadness or swoon-worthy romance, but that’s just not the case. Movies leave streaming on a regular basis. Case in point, there are a handful of bangers on their way out of the Netflix queue on August 31, 2023. I’ve hand-picked the perfect of the perfect. If you wanted to look at any of those movies, now’s your last likelihood.

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Young Jonah calls a radio show for advice on the way to arrange his sad, widowed father. It’s such a classic rom-com that it’s a travesty when you haven’t seen it. Sure, the parasocial relationship possibly didn’t age well, but you actually can’t deny the chemistry between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. That’s why our parents and grandparents were so obsessive about them.

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10 Things I Hate About You (1999) isn’t the one Heath Ledger rom-com that needs to be in your rotation. In this non-serious tackle old-timey England, Ledger pretends to be a knight so he can win the hand of a fairly girl. Goals. It’s funny, it’s romantic, and it has an excellent modern soundtrack paying homage to Moulin Rouge (2001).

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We should all be lucky that there’s no such thing as VHS tapes anymore, huh? That’s because anyone who watched the tape on this 2002 spook-fest would die in seven days. If you’re undecided if that is for you, just watch the opening five minutes. That increased heart rate and newfound fear of closets? That’s your sign to maintain watching.

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There’s at all times a bit of room for a heist. This ensemble heist movie doubles as a paid-for commercial for the Mini Cooper (for which I fell hook, line, and sinker). Because why steal something when you can’t do it in a fleet of getaway Mini Coopers? This is definitely a remake of the 1969 film, but I’d recommend this version for Jason Statham alone.

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It’s almost 20 years old and Mean Girls still hasn’t gotten stale. It spawned a generation who won’t stop saying “You go, Glen Coco!” and “Get in loser, we’re going shopping,” and “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” Tina Fey wrote this movie and subsequently killed it. You’ve probably already seen this one million times, but what’s yet one more for the road?

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The whole shaky-cam/found-footage horror subgenre became a little bit of a joke, especially after so many sequels to the 2007 original Paranormal Activity, but when you return and watch this one, you’ll realize how great it really was. Who knew watching grainy video of a pair’s bedroom could be so spooky and gripping?

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This breathtaking film follows a girl as she tries to clear the name of the person she loves, who’s also the daddy of her unborn child. And wouldn’t you would like a love so intense that you just would do anything for them? Or they, you? Regina King won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for this role, and also you’ll totally understand why.

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