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FFXIV: How to play Bard in Crystalline Conflict

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Bard is on the more ignored spectrum of FFXIV‘s jobs for PvP. Machinist and Dancer are inclined to be more alluring, as do the mighty DPS of Dragoon or Black Mage. What many don’t realize is just how incredibly fun and versatile Bard is to play in Crystalline Conflict. Today I’m here to prove to you Bard is a really satisfying PvP job and more viable than you might realize. Here’s the way to play Bard in Crystalline Conflict.

Bard Crystalline Conflict guide: Basic Overview

Compared to your cousin the Machinist, you’re the support sniper while Machinist is the raw power sniper. Both of you’re strongest at a distance to your opponent, but Bard trades raw power for utility. Like in regular content, Bard’s abilities buff the party as you attack, with greater AoE capability than Dancer. Combined with just a few skills that lend themselves well to supporting the party defensively, and Bard is one in every of the most respected support jobs in PvP.

Because you’re a Bard, your DPS continues to be lower than your Ranged cousins, but that doesn’t mean it’s nothing to scoff at. It’s still entirely possible so that you can go on the warpath and begin picking off opponents left and right, especially in the event that they’re weakened. Bard is among the best jobs for Assists in Crystalline Conflict, making it ideal to farm the Halone’s Cupbearer title.

Abilities Breakdown

  • Powerful Shot: Deals a ranged attack with a base 4,000 potency. Potency increases as much as 6,000 the further away from the goal, with maximum potency at 15 yards away.
  • Pitch Perfect: Powerful Shot changes to this upon giving yourself the Repetoire buff. Same ‘be far-off’ mechanic as Powerful Shot, except the utmost potency is 8,000 and using it reduces the forged time of Empyreal Arrow by five seconds.
  • Apex Arrow: Deals 8,000 potency damage to all enemies in a straight line before you. Using this also sets off Frontliner’s March, which reduces the weaponskill forged and recast time by 10% and increases damage dealt by all inside 30 yards by 5% for 30 seconds.
  • Blast Arrow: Chain motion after Apex Arrow. Functions identically, except it grants Frontliner’s Forte, which is equivalent to March but only lasts ten seconds.
  • Empyreal Arrow: Delivers a ranged attack with 4,000 potency. Charges as much as 3, and uses all charges when hit, meaning the utmost potency is 12,000.
  • Repelling Shot: Delivers a 4,000 potency attack while also launching you 10 yards back and afflicting the enemy with three seconds of Bind.
  • Silent Nocturne: Silences goal for two seconds and grants you Repetoire.
  • The Warden’s Paean: Removes one status affliction from self or party member that may be removed by Purify. If there isn’t a status effect, as a substitute creates a ten second barrier to nullify the following one. Successfully removing an effect grants Warden’s Grace, reducing your damage taken by 25% and increasing healing recovery by the identical amount for five seconds.

Limit Break: Final Fantasia. Reduces your weaponskill forged and recast time by 10% while also increasing movement speed by 25%. Grants you and party members inside a radius of 30 yards a ten% damage boost for 30 seconds. Recharges every 120 seconds.

Bard Crystalline Conflict Playstyle Breakdown

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As a Bard, you want to be away from the crux of the motion. Your job is to face within the shadows and fire on enemies while also buffing the party at every probability you get. Every attack you get is instacast apart from Powerful Shot, meaning you’re fast and in a position to weave yourself out and in of places quickly with Repelling Shot, so you may adjust to the battle as needed.

If you’re near your party, at all times use Apex and Blast arrow to stack Frontliner’s March and Forte on yourself and party members. That’s a ten% damage buff and a 20% forged and recast decrease for 10 seconds. The Black Mage will especially appreciate it. Between cooldowns on that chain, you’ll have Powerful Shot and Pitch perfect to deal damage. Each require you to be 15 yards away to do maximum damage, so avoid opponents. Because Pitch Perfect lowers the cooldown on Empyreal Arrow, make certain you’ve fired them off before you progress on to using it.

Your Limit Break is best used to assist your party take the Crystal or wipe out the opposite team. Thirty whole seconds of harm increase can really add up. Stack it with Apex/Blast arrow’s buffs for optimum DPS buff, and that’s a whopping 20% DPS increase for those 10 seconds each buffs are energetic. Try to time it with other powerful Limit Breaks as well, like Black Mage, Summoner, and even Astrologian for double buff support. This can really help turn the tides in your team’s favor.

Playstyle Tips and Tricks

You’ll have a tough time picking off a Tank job by yourself, especially Paladin. DPS and Healers are more inside your kill range.

Repelling Shot is great to run from Melee opponents or out of the fray. It’s also useful to assist guarantee maximum damage on range dependent attacks, for those who position to make sure you return the total 10 yards. Or Repelling Shot can trap an opponent in the course of the fray, inside an arena AoE, and ensure they don’t get away while fleeing.

Empyreal Arrow is your ideal ‘finish off a weakened opponent’ attack, since it’s instacast and is least prone to be completely on cooldown. If you see someone low on health, fire it off before they Recuperate or run away.

Knowing where to position is half the battle. Apex and Blast Arrow requires you to face near the party so that they’re buffed, but Powerful Shot and Pitch Perfect require you to be far-off to do the perfect damage. This shouldn’t be ideal if each teams are gathered up near one another. Make use of only needing to be 15 yards away for best damage while the party buffs extend to 30 yards to try to optimize. You may use Repelling Shot after firing off Apex and Blast to assist.

Silent Nocturne is a stun, however it’s especially invaluable to make use of on a Black Mage of their Limit Break phase.

Warden’s Paean is your trickiest ability. You could use it before going into the fray to safeguard against incoming status afflictions. You could use it to remove one from you or another person. Or use it simply to trigger Pitch Perfect and keep DPSing. It’s  very situational.

Be a deadly sniping support and make your team outperform the opposite. Hopefully you’re thanked in commendations.

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