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8 Surprising Things about You That Are Attractive to Your Husband

Ladies, we may hate our stretch marks, but our husbands cherish them. I often call my stretch marks, my battle scars. They are a reminder of the flexibility of my body to hold and bear children. Each time I see them, I remember how wonderful it was to experience the miracle of pregnancy.

Our husbands feel the identical way. Whether you could have stretch marks from pregnancy or victories of weight reduction, your stretch marks are the results of a present.

They are your battle scars, they usually remind your husband of the strong, beautiful woman he has.

8. Wearing His T-Shirt

Wearing your husband’s t-shirt is a activate. This act fires up the intimate love your husband has for you. Husband’s told me that after they see their wife wearing their shirt, they know their wife desires them.

Husbands have to be reminded that they’re attractive and wanted.

Ladies let’s grab a shirt from our man’s closet and let him know we still have eyes just for him!

When God created man, he created something special.

He created a one who can lead, look after, and love his wife. God also knew that in a marriage relationship, man would have to be felt loved and attractive by their wives. They have to know we still desire them to look after us and lead the house.

The amazing thing about their needs is God already knew them and equipped us wives to satisfy them, even with all our stretch marks and meltdowns.

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