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Secret version of Vampire Survivors that leaked is officially coming

Vampire Survivors is one in every of those roguelike games that I just can’t appear to put down. I actually have a whole lot of hours in it and almost the entire achievements. Poncle merged elements from fan-favorite arcade experiences with the now-iconic bullet-hell chaos everyone knows Vampire Survivors for to create an addictive game with some serious replayability. Despite the infinite content it offers, it looks just like the indie developer is bringing much more to the sport with a mysterious Directer’s Cut edition that gives recent characters, stages, and more.

We received exclusive word earlier in August a few mysterious, not-yet-known Vampire Survivors Director’s Cut version from creator Laura Kate Dale. She showcased ten recent characters, including an angelic being, constellation frog, and winged egg, together with a wide range of wild never-before-seen stages. We’re talking 300 chickens and outer-space wild.

In the most recent Vampire Survivors co-op update on Steam, developer Poncle confirms the alleged Directer’s Cut and its existence with an official teaser trailer, asking if fans have seen footage of it online. “That’s something we’ve been doing in most events,” the dev wrote, “hiding a number of the future content for the sport in plain sight, but this time it blew up online!”

Poncle also referred to the menu screen within the Steam post, saying that it “might never appear in game” but that “all the brand new content shown in that version is scheduled to be fully developed and released in future free updates.” This implies that the Directer’s Cut won’t release as DLC, but slightly as an element of the sport’s normal scheduled updates.

We may not see the Directer’s Cut (and no, Directer isn’t a typo but slightly a personality’s name) fully release for while, though. Poncle wrote that its “dozens of characters and weapons” are currently in development, set to launch in “2023 and beyond.”

If you like Vampire Survivors and are excited to hop into the upcoming edition, then chances are you’ll be involved in testing a few of our other favorite indie game gems. Alternatively, flick through these Vampire Survivors cheats when you need some help traversing through the sport’s harder stages before you get recent ones with the Directer’s Cut.

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