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MAC Just Launched Its First Latest Fluid Foundation in 10 Years

Cosmetic chemist Amanda Lam tells Allure that the formula incorporates two several types of hyaluronic acid — sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate — with two different molecular weights, which is an excellent thing. “The combo of various molecular weights will be useful in boosting skin hydration,” she explains. She’s a fan of the high-in-fatty-acids olive and jojoba oils (“perfect for maintaining skin moisturization,” especially after you wash your face) but additionally calls out the PEG/PPG/polybutylene glycol-8/5/3 glycerin, “a glycerin-derived emollient” with humectant and emollient properties and “a wonderful non-sticky feel.” That means your skin will feel nice and moisturized but not weighed down.

Lam also calls out the “plethora of silicones” MAC has included, which is why the formula offers such a pleasant, smooth finish that’s proof against creasing.

All this said: Don’t skip your usual skin-care routine simply because you’ve bought this recent, HA-packed foundation. Lam notes that it’s “questionable” that skin-care ingredients can have much profit in color cosmetics “attributable to film-formers and pigments ‘blocking’ penetration ability.” However, consumer perception studies conducted by the brand seem to substantiate that, on the very least, these items feels very nice in your skin. “I feel MAC has done a pleasant job providing data to display the advantages of its product,” Lam says. (And, for what it’s price, she’s personally an enormous fan. “I’ve been using the muse daily and it has quickly change into a favourite,” she reports.)

About the shade range

While 56 shades is nothing to scoff at, when you’re a superfan of Studio Fix Fluid, you may have noticed that this recent launch has six fewer shade options. This, Kureghian says, is because Studio Fix Fluid has a more opaque base, which “impacts stretchability … so it requires a bigger breadth of shade.”

With names like NW5 and NC38 (that’s Neutral Warm 5 and Neutral Cool 38) it’s a reasonably straightforward range to navigate, especially when you already know what you sometimes wear in other MAC complexion products. While the sheerer base might mean it is advisable go a shade lighter or darker than your usual MAC foundation number, you’ll probably be pretty close. For instance, when you’re an NW45 in Studio Fix, Kureghian says you’re likely an NW44 or NW45 in Studio Radiance.

The dewy glow comes from “a cocktail of micro pearls” in various combos of silver, champagne, and gold depending on the depth of the bottom shade. “From NC5 to NC30, it’s silver pearlescent forward,” Kuregian says. “NC35 to NC65 is gold pearlescent forward.” She notes that it’s because silver “really imparts radiance” on lighter skin tones, while gold imparts a warming radiance on deeper ones.

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