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This Deleted Scene From ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Has The Cutest Moment Ever — And You Might Miss It

Ever because the rumors that there was was a three-hour director’s cut of Amazon’s latest Red, White & Royal Blue, fans have been clamoring for any bits of recent material from everyone’s favorite sons of world leaders, Alex and Henry. Unfortunately, those three-hour rumors were dispelled by writer-director Matthew Lopez in an exclusive with Teen Vogue. But don’t spill too many tears, because they simply dropped a deleted scene–the much-hoped-for Cornetto scene, for fans of the book. If you blink, you only might miss an cute moment toward the top of the clip. (FYI: Spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, what are you even doing? Go!)

In the scene, similarly because it happens within the book, Alex is spending time on the royal palace. For context, that is during his trip to pretend to be Prince Henry’s friend, before they begin texting. They’re still within the “enemies” stage of the enemies-to-lovers story arc. You know the drill, smiling for the cameras while barely concealing their disdain for one another. Elbowing one another each time they think nobody is looking.

Amazon Studios

Alex is within the guest quarter’s kitchen face-timing with Nora and complaining about how much he loathes Henry (sure, right), when the prince himself enters and hears the tail-end of the conversation. He’s just popping in to grab some Cornettos from the freezer, a preferred brand of ice cream cones. Thus starts a verbal sparring match between the fake friends, culminating in Alex snapping a pic of their hands for the ‘gram.

There’s a bit of, vital moment hidden on this scene, though. Blink and also you’ll miss it. Here’s the deleted scene to see in the event you see it for yourself:

Did you catch it? As Alex argues with Henry about having to pretend to be friends, and the way they’ll handle it fantastic, even in the event that they hate one another, Henry gives Alex a glance when the FSOTUS isn’t looking.

Amazon Studios

For only a moment, Henry’s mask falls away and he can’t help but show how he truly feels about Alex. There’s no hate there. None in any respect. Quite the alternative, the truth is. A moment later and it’s gone.

This is critical because, if it had been left within the film, it will be the primary moment that the audience gets a clue into how Henry really feels. Our first proof that Henry has loved him all along. And perhaps that’s why they didn’t keep it in? It’s awfully early into the movie to disclose Henry’s true intentions. They’re alleged to hate one another right away.

Or it could possibly be how slow-moving and otherwise cheesy the remainder of the scene feels. Either way, it didn’t make it into the ultimate cut and now we just must go to YouTube for this extra little bit of Alex/Henry connection.

If you’ve gotten this far into the article and still haven’t watched Red, White & Royal Blue, you may see it on Prime Video.

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