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I Refuse to Make a Barbie Reference About Selena Gomez’s Latest Manicure

Just kidding! Despite the proven fact that it has been a few month because the Barbie movie premiered, Barbiecore shows no signs of letting up. Our makeup bags, closets and manicures have been permanently altered by the titular doll and her all-pink aesthetic, and Selena Gomez is not proof against the charms of Barbie Land either.

Gomez, whose recent song “Single Soon” is about to drop on August 25, gave fans a sneak peek at what could be her music video look via Instagram Stories, and it appears she’s considering pink (and Y2K) for this recent era of her music profession. Her hair is pulled up in one other throwback updo just like the one she wore to ring in her thirty first birthday, with tendrils pulled out on either side of her face. But the actual standout is the matching baby pink lip gloss and matching nails, which give the look that extra pop of Barbie-style cheekiness and fun.

Selena Gomez

Let’s talk in regards to the manicure first, we could? Gomez’s nails are noticeably longer than her usual medium length but still shaped into her preferred squoval. They’re painted a sweet candy pink color to mimic the colour of her lips and the pink bra under her crystal mesh halter top. Make space within the Dream House closet, Barbie! Gomez is moving in and bringing her nail polish along with her. But wait a second — have we seen this polish before? It looks quite a bit like a pale pink hue that Gomez wore in July. Could she have been filming something special at the moment? Maybe!

If this makeup-and-mani moment is any indication, “Single Soon” goes to be a delicious confection as only Gomez can do. Everything about her hair, makeup and manicure is a lot fun, including the tousled updo, shimmery smoked-out eye and glossy pink lip. Gomez looks like she’s ready for the dance floor and TBH, I’m too!

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