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FROG.PRO’s Custom Mantracking Kit | RECOIL OFFGRID

As chief mantracking instructor at Hull’s Tracking School, I’m continually traveling, moving from one country to a different about once per week. This involves taking airplanes, buses, trains, and a lot of traveling on foot. And in fact, it means utilizing various pieces of kit to hold essential supplies. Over the years I’ve lost count of what number of pieces of kit I’ve used, from modern tactical solutions to vintage style gear without being entirely satisfied, which is why FROG.PRO caught my attention.

Kyt Lyn Walken is wearing her customized FROG.PRO mantracking rig while navigating an obstacle.

Mantracking Rig Criteria

My idea of the proper gear system which might cater to all of my needs must meet the next criteria: 

  • Easy to hold
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Usable in numerous seasons and with various weather conditions
  • Suitable to be paired with different backpacks

A worker at the FROG.PRO production facility sewing components for their gear.

Above: Many of FROG.PRO’s components are handcrafted, making it easier to supply one-off custom orders.

Not asking for an excessive amount of, right? I used to be actually searching for something I had in mind, a variation from what I saw the SAS use in Malaysia and Borneo while I used to be writing my book “Jungle Trackers.” Basically, I wanted to copy that sort of kit by employing modern materials and more revolutionary concepts.

After much research, trial and error, and countless hours of field testing, I bumped into FROG.PRO. FROG.PRO is an organization founded by Italian tactical craftsmen. They make tailored gear suitable for anything from outdoor activities and recreation to tactical operations and personal security. The materials they use are a few of the perfect available on the market, including Cordura fabric, ITW Nexus fastenings, YKK zippers, Hi-Tech laminated fabrics, Velcro brand hook & loop fasteners, and mil-spec webbing. And relatively than outsourcing to a factory overseas, the production process is handled and executed throughout the company itself.

Since this was a product I desperately needed, I placed a call and asked them if I could pay a visit to debate my needs in the sector.

Material storage bins at the FROG.PRO production facility in Italy.

Above: At FROG.PRO’s production facility in central Italy, components are prepared and arranged.


Fabio Casali, former Italian Army Soldier, and the owner and founding father of FROG.PRO, welcomed me directly and invited me to tour their facility. The company’s manufacturing facility occupies the bottom floor of a chic constructing not removed from Parma, within the central area of Italy. Totally renovated by Fabio, the power hosts all the corporate’s production phases, from design, to product realization, to sale. Founded in May 2013 – and solely operated by Fabio on the time – FROG.PRO now employs 13 people; 9 in production, and 4 between administrative offices and marketing. 

In 2015 FROG.PRO brought laser cut gear to Europe for the primary time. This makes their products less webbing-dependent, but in addition extremely lightweight.

FROG.PRO’s fame for quality has allowed them to partner up with different units, like 17° Stormo Incursori (their very first cooperation), then with all of the Italian Special Forces units (G.I.S., N.O.C.S., 9º RGT “Col Moschin”, G.O.I, 185° RGT RRAO, etc.). They’ve collaborated with foreign countries as well, including a Belgian government agency.

FROG.PRO tactical gear displayed on a mannequin.

Above: The HAWK Plate Carrier with several modular pouch systems on display.

Customized For The Field

Fabio kindly asked me to indicate him the contents of my Tracking Kit and to elucidate my needs. After discussing and evaluating different solutions, we ended with a arrange that included:

  • A tactical belt
  • Suspenders
  • A utility pouch with two multipurpose panels inside
  • A flashlight pouch
  • Enough space for modular expansion in the long run

Kyt Lyn Walken wearing her customized FROG.PRO mantracking rig.

Above: Kyt Lyn Walken using her custom tracking rig in the sector during a tracking exercise.

The whole system was designed and tailored for my needs, in accordance with my body size. Since receiving the custom made Tracking Kit, I actually have been impressed by the standard, performance, and the way well it suits my needs throughout my field training and classes that I lead. 

Custom work aside, a few of FROG.PRO’s most iconic products include the Sniper CORE (released in September 2022), the HAWK Plate Carrier, the Chiron Mini IFAK, the SFD-Responder 2.0, and the already mentioned Multi Purpose Organizers. Many of this stuff have proven ideal for tasks we perform at Hull’s Tracking School, and for the trials of the sector.

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