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Saweetie Styled Her Bangs Like Baby Hairs and Is Rightfully Obsessed With Them

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about easily swooped baby hairs, it’s Saweetie. The rapper consistently shows up with perfectly styled edges that, very often, tackle the cutest curved shapes. And because there isn’t any such thing as an excessive amount of of a very good thing, Saweetie is taking her baby hairs to a daring recent level by styling everything of her bangs like them.

On Wednesday, August 16, Saweetie posted a carousel of photos and video clips to her Instagram grid to indicate off a completely incredible look: shimmering shadow with super-dramatic winged liner, highlighted skin, and an extra-long manicure with a gem in the midst of the bottom and the palest blue French suggestions. But, like us, Saweetie was focused on a really specific element of her sleek bun.

“I like this lil swoop on my face 🦦,” she wrote within the caption, referring to the anything-but-little swoop her bangs are styled into. The smooth curl tapers and curves upward, covering most of her right eyebrow.

And it is not alone. There are several other smaller swoops along her hairline on the temple, which can explain the caption for the extra photo she posted to her grid: “Swoop gang 🌚.”

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