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Distant Worker Fired for ‘Low Keystroke Activity’ | Entrepreneur

While the controversy over productivity in a distant office setting continues, one Australian woman is fighting back against her employer after being accused of not typing enough while working remotely.

In a latest claim filed with Australia’s Fair Work Commission, Suzie Cheikho says she was wrongfully terminated after 18 years with Insurance Australia Group, claiming that they had a “premeditated plan” to remove her from the corporate.

However, her employer is fighting back, claiming that a review found that she had “low keystroke activity on her laptop, which indicated that she was not performing work as required” and noted that Cheikho’s “failure to take care of her duties put additional pressure on her work colleagues” that created a “health and safety risk for those employees because they were taking up additional work.”

The review also found that Cheikho began work late on 47 days, finished early on 29 days, and didn’t do any work for 4 days out of a 49 work day period.

Cheikho, meanwhile, is claiming that her employers were aware of the mental health issues she was experiencing and didn’t step in to supply assistance.

“I used to be going through some personal and mental health issues. I used to be reprimanded for my work, as a substitute of my company meeting their duty of care and helping me,” she told local outlet 7 News. “I used to be principally targeted due to my mental health and the things that I used to be going through. I feel prefer it was a premeditated attack to really get me out of the corporate.”

According to Lawpath, it’s legal to watch employees who work at home in Australia, and there may be “no absolute right to privacy” in place on the continent.

Cheikho’s request was dismissed, because the judge ruled her termination “not harsh, unjust or unreasonable.”

However, Cheikho remains to be holding strong.

“I held a job for 18 years,” she said. “I used to be a tough employee, and I do know I used to be a loyal employee.”

It’s unclear whether or not she’s going to attempt to petition again.

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