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What to do with the Caravan Strongbox in Baldur’s Gate 3

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, your actions (and even your inaction) impact how the plot develops. Characters you meet may develop into allies or enemies. Many of them could be spared or eliminated in various ways. One example of this dynamic in motion is the Find the Missing Shipment quest in Act 1, which requires you to make a decision what to do with precious cargo. Here is our guide telling you what to do with the Caravan Strongbox in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – what to do with the Caravan Strongbox

You encounter the Caravan Strongbox along the northern portion of The Risen Road. If you’re having trouble reaching that area, check our guide outlining all ways to get to The Risen Road. Once you access the region, win a battle outside a big cave opening after which acquire the Caravan Strongbox inside that cave. Either open the Caravan Strongbox or keep it closed and produce it to the Zhentarim Hideout to your reward.

Baldurs Gate 3 Caravan Strongbox Rugan Dead On Cave Floor

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You first acquire the Caravan Strongbox in a distant cave. Two characters named Rugan and Olly have found the chest inside the cave ahead of you, they usually are badly outnumbered by aggressive enemy mobs as you arrive. Your initial selections are:

  • Save Rugan and Olly so that they can deliver the chest themselves.
  • Clear away the monsters and persuade Rugan to depart the chest to you by utilizing Intimidate and/or Persuade options.
  • Either Kill Rugan and Olly or let the Gnolls do the job (pictured above) and take the chest for yourself.

I actually have not progressed far into the sport after selecting the entire above options. However, I’m generally in favor of keeping characters alive until that option goes away. For the needs of this guide, let’s suppose you select the tougher approach and clear the monsters out of the cave, saving Rugan and Olly in the method. This approach results in probably the most follow-up options.

If you choose to take out the monsters, make their leader your ally. At level five, Flind is a permanent threat. Its minions make the battle a nightmare, nonetheless. They fire acid, or frenzied flurries of arrows. Save your progress before approaching the realm. If Flind approaches you near the beginning of the battle, use your parasite abilities to persuade it to feed on its cohorts. Karlach won’t approve, but you possibly can regain her approval by talking Rugan out of the chest after saving him.

Baldurs Gate 3 Parasite Makes The Battle Easier

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Once you gain access to the chest through any of the above approaches, resolve whether to open it before delivering it. The chest incorporates generally uninteresting items. For me, the bounty consisted of: a Black and Jade Green Dye x2, 23 gold, and an Iron Flask. None of that loot feels like much, however the flask is definitely essential.

If you open the chest and throw the flask you discover inside, you release a Spectator monster you could (possibly) defeat. Rugan and Olly may even make it easier to within the battle. However, even for those who defeat the monster, this selection displeases your Zhentarim contact at Waukeen’s Rest.

Baldurs Gate 3 Spectator Battle After Opening Chest

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If you come the Caravan Strongbox to Waukeen’s Rest unopened, you receive a more useful reward. You don’t have to have visited the realm previously. Take the chest to the northwest corner of Waukeen’s Rest, near the stable stall with the frightened ox. When you frighten Salazon within the nearby room, recite a password you learned. Then head across the shelves where the person cowers to seek out the Hatch that results in Zhentarim Basement.

In Zhentarim Basement, find the Wardrobe near the back corner and open it to access the Hidden Stairs. Follow them to satisfy with Zarys. There are quite a few ways this conversation can go, depending on what has transpired already. In my case, I needed to kill Rugen after which Zarys asked me to deliver the chest to Baldur’s Gate. By joining the ‘family,’ you gain the choice of buying The Jolty Vest armor for 663 gold from the local merchant, Brem. This looks like the very best possible end result.

From what I can tell, a final option is to maintain the chest without bothering with Zarys. Then it is best to find a way to pawn it later in the sport, at Baldur’s Gate. I don’t yet know if the story changes while taking that approach. At this point, it seems the very best thing to do with the Caravan Strongbox is to return it unopened.

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