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Get Loose, Then Get Sweaty: Why a Boxing Mobility and HIIT Workout Just Makes Sense

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With the bursts of energy, the constant movement in your feet, and the powerful punches required in boxing, this sport makes for an awesome approach to do high impact interval training (HIIT). When interspersed with some body weight strength exercises, a HIIT boxing workout can, well, pack a punch.

But before you begin crossing and jabbing, you’ll wish to be sure you’ve properly warmed up. That includes stretching, mobilizing your joints, and activating your muscles. This is true for each style of exercise, but the fast reactions and skill to generate power on demand which might be essential for boxing make a mobility-focused dynamic warmup much more essential.

“As a boxer, you should train 360,” Rumble boxing instructor and Well+Good’s Trainer of the Month Club instructor Olivia Platania says. “Everything must be loose. It must be ready. It must be fired up.”

That’s Platania’s strategy for this latest 16-minute HIIT boxing workout video. She starts with six minutes of mobility and strength warm-up exercises that each feel good and begin sending blood flowing to your muscles. This includes spinal mobilizers like cat-cow and downward dog exercises, but in addition more heart-pumping moves like push-ups to organize your upper body, core, and legs for the work ahead.

“Push-ups are considered one of my favorite things to do each day,” Platania says. “You do it slightly bit over and yet again each day, and you may see that progress.”

Push-ups are only where the fun begins. After the mobility, stretch, and dynamic warm-up, you’ll reach the HIIT boxing workout. You’ll do HIIT mainstays like squats, lunges, and jumping jacks, in between intervals of shadowboxing. You’ll play with tempo, power, and coordination, all while doing one of the vital efficient exercise formats around.

You can watch the video of the workout above, or follow along on your personal with the guided steps below.

A 16-minute HIIT boxing workout (plus mobility warm-up)

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