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Texas Chain Saw Massacre won’t suffer the identical fate as Friday thirteenth, Gun says

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is a recent project from Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham, and with the team at Gun known to be massive horror nerds, they’re amongst the very best selections to bring the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre IP to its own horror game. If you didn’t already know, they’re also the team behind the favored Friday the thirteenth game, which sadly shut down its servers in 2020 on account of licensing issues. In a conversation with PCGamesN, Gun’s creative director Ronnie Hobbs reassures us that the Slaughter Family won’t go the identical way as Jason Vorhees and his mother.

“The situation surrounding Friday the thirteenth was inherently more complicated than it’s with Texas,” says Hobbs. “With Texas, we’re dealing directly with Kim Henkel, the only real owner of the IP. We’ve been working closely with him during your entire process not only from a creative standpoint, but additionally a legal one. We have been as diligent as possible during this whole experience to make sure things go easily.”

While Hobbs couldn’t go into detail about what went down with Friday the thirteenth, it seems the team has learnt from the experience, ensuring things are safer with the Texas Chainsaw IP – especially because the process is such a two-way street.

“After the success of Friday the thirteenth,” continues Hobbs, “we had loads of potential suitors contacting us about turning their IP into games. We spent quite some time sorting through and weighing our options before finally being introduced to Kim Henkel. Once we discovered that either side had an immense interest in making a game, we quickly knew Texas was going to be our next project.”

The story of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game actually takes place just before the events of the 1974 film; a prequel, of sorts. However, familiar locations just like the family house and the gas station take center stage in the sport’s maps. Hopefully, with Kim Henkel so involved within the production, there may be room for brand spanking new content to be added in the long run. However, setting the sport before the movie allows for brand spanking new original content, too.

“Having the sport set a number of months before the unique 1974 film allows us to create recent characters without being certain too tightly by your entire franchise,” Hobbs tells me. When we ask what this implies for the opposite movies within the franchise, he hints, “Obviously, as things move forward, we hope to expand out if possible, so that you never know what the long run holds. Film rights are obviously an advanced aspect to navigate.”

Texas Chain Saw Massacre game Friday 13th: A view of the street in the family house Texas Chain Saw Massacre map.

Fans of Gun’s Friday the thirteenth will likely be pleased to know that while there are crucial differences regarding the sport’s legalities, gameplay similarities are in abundance. If you enjoyed the variability in escape options and frantically searching the home for items, you’ll find the identical mechanics in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. There are not any cars or boats – yet – but multiple parts are required to open each different exit. As a member of the family, you may rummage in cupboards and freezers should you suspect a hidden victim is inside. Texas does have its own unique angle, though, which is why the sport is ideal for multiplayer gameplay – a complete family of killers playing directly. Who knew brutal murderers were such fans of teamwork.

If you may’t wait for the Slaughter family to be set free in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, make certain you recognize exactly when the sport’s release date drops. And if it’s the survival aspect you’re keen on most, fill the wait with another survival games that we are able to’t get enough of.

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