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iPhone 14, 14 Pro owners complain about battery capability that’s already falling off

Some iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro owners have complaints harking back to the bad old days of “batterygate,” reporting that with lower than a yr of service on the clock, their phones are already reporting more battery degradation than expected. Sam Kohl of AppleTrack tweeted in July that his iPhone 14 Pro had already dropped to a maximum capability of 90 percent, a much faster dropoff than previous iPhones he’d owned, and the thread shows many other individuals with the identical experience.

Kohl followed up with a video posted yesterday concerning the issue, saying it makes it hard for him to recommend the phone, especially considering how much it costs with a price of $999.

Officially, Apple says iPhone batteries should “retain as much as 80 percent of its original capability at 500 complete charge cycles.” The iPhone 15 series is anticipated to launch soon, and recent rumors have claimed those devices will see a battery size increase of 10 – 18 percent in comparison with current devices.

He’s not the just one seeing these sorts of numbers. Verge alum and Wall Street Journal senior tech columnist Joanna Stern wrote in her newsletter just this week that her iPhone 14 Pro is showing 88 percent battery capability. Around The Verge, reports are mixed, with two 14 Pros right down to 93 and 91 percent and one other at 97 percent. In previous years, most haven’t seen a drop in reported capability until two years of use, a minimum of.

And that’s even before we account for the incontrovertible fact that it’s costlier to exchange the battery on an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro once it’s out of its one-year warranty (assuming you don’t have AppleCare or another prolonged service plan). Last yr the worth went up by $30, from $69 on earlier devices to $99, although a minimum of today, you possibly can all the time go the DIY route for those who just don’t wish to visit an Apple Store or third-party repair shop.

We’ve contacted Apple about these reports and can update if we receive any additional information.

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