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Grab one among 2023’s best atmospheric indie games low-cost in Steam sale

Bramble The Mountain King is, for my money, one among 2023’s most gorgeous and striking indie games. This atmospheric motion platformer inspired by dark Nordic fables comes from Sweden-based Dimfrost Studio, and it’s quite the achievement for just the team’s second outing. Scored by a improbable soundtrack that ranges from the haunting to the bombastic, Bramble The Mountain King has stuck vividly in my memory – and now because of a Steam sale you may grab it at an enormous discount, so move fast.

Following the story of a young boy named Olle who’s thrown into the whims of adventure when his sister is taken captive by a troll, you set out into the eponymous land of Bramble in quest of her whereabouts. But the strange lands are home to all manner of mysterious and terrifying creatures – a few of which could be friendly, but lots of whom are decidedly not.

Olle makes use of his Spark of Courage to beat the assorted trials he encounters, which range from navigating the environment and watching out for traps to facing down quite a few ominous creatures inspired by Nordic mythology. The beautiful, misty forests play home to all manner of dangers, big and small, and also you’ll need to keep your eyes trained in any respect times.

The ‘boss fights’ are perhaps a few of Bramble’s finest moments – many will not be easy showdowns but somewhat prolonged sequences where you need to elude their attention and work out how one can pass by or overcome the creature. When they do turn to more straight-up fights, Olle can use his Spark a bit like an over-the-shoulder shooter to seek out weak spots in his opponents’ armor and are available out triumphant.

I used to be really taken by Bramble’s sense of place and atmosphere. Its mechanics are solid enough to not get in the best way, if nothing too remarkable, however the art direction, sound design, and animation come together to make something truly special. From the haunting warped, reality of the Pesta to the screaming fairytale horror of the Kärrhäxan, each encounter in Bramble feels unique from the others, they usually’re all burned into my brain.

As the trailer teases, you do even get to listen to Grieg’s iconic In the Hall of the Mountain King – and, despite the potential for cliché, the purpose when it happens is a robust contender for my favorite moment of the 12 months in any game thus far.

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Bramble The Mountain King is 40% off on Steam until August 18, 2023 – expect to pay $17.99 / £14.99 down from $29.99 / £24.99. If you must bask in its gorgeous art and sound design much more, the Digital Deluxe Edition including the soundtrack and a digital artbook is 46% off – that’s $21.03 / £17.81, down from $38.97 / £32.99.

You can buy Bramble the Mountain King on Steam. It’s also available as a part of the PC Game Pass library via the Xbox app, for those who’re a subscriber to Microsoft’s service.

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