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‘Shark Tank’ star Barbara Corcoran shows off $1M mobile home: ‘It’s my Taj Mahal’

Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran – long often called a successful business executive – shocked fans when she took viewers to her mobile home. Yes, her mobile home.

In a TikTok video posted by Caleb Simpson, a creator known for documenting many celebrity homes, Corcoran gives a tour of his modest West Coast apartment within the affluent Pacific Palisades. The video has already amassed over 5.5 million views.

“Who would have thought Barbara Corcoran would have her own trailer,” Simpson said within the video.

“It’s called double width,” quipped Corcoran, 74, in response. “This is my Taj Mahal,” she added, explaining that she paid $800,000 for the home and invested $150,000 more within the renovation.

Her kitchen is fitted with tiles left over from her New York City apartment overlooking Central Park.

Corcoran told The Post that she prefers her mobile home, which overlooks the ocean, to her luxury Manhattan lodgings.

“As beautiful as my New York penthouse is above the park with all that space, there isn’t any ocean,” she said. “And there is no such thing as a discussion with the ocean. In my opinion, the ocean has a charm that cannot be beat.”

It consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and in addition has its own terrace.

Known for having two baths a day, Corcoran notes within the video that she paid more for a tub than for all of the furniture in her house.

At the time Corcoran bought the trailer, about five years ago, it had not been listed on the market for an additional yr. However, she convinced the previous owner to sell it to her right away, and in return, the previous owner would have the ability to make use of the home at any time and for free of charge.

Corcoran explained that she has closed almost every one in all her homes this fashion.

Barbara Corcoran shows the front of the trailer leading to the house.
Barbara Corcoran shows the front of the trailer resulting in the home.

Open floor plan with lounge and dining area.
Open floor plan with lounge and dining area.

The kitchen has the identical tiles utilized in her home in New York.

Two of the three bedrooms.

“For me, it is a part-time home … I take advantage of it a number of weeks a yr and I’d adore it if she genuinely wanted 12 weeks a yr,” she told The Post concerning the former owner. “I wish to see people reap the benefits of where I live and make it warmer, and you realize, they only leave a little bit pool of happiness that I feel after they move out at the top of the week.”

Despite having a net value of greater than $100 million, Corcoran said she appreciated the “compact space” versus having a $20 million estate in the identical area.

“Life is small. I all the time feel prefer it’s almost an enormous life,” Corcoran said. “I mean, I feel like I’m using every inch of space. Well, every part I want is true there.”

“I believe it’s ridiculous to have an enormous house and feel lonely in it and loaf around. You can have a very good place in your own home, but you do not feel just like the whole home is one place,” she explained. “It’s all my place hidden right by the ocean.”

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Barbara Corcoran has a net value of over $100 million.

The third and smallest bedroom has an ocean view.
The third and smallest bedroom has an ocean view.

First and second bathroom.
First and second bathroom.

The terrace leads back to the house.
The terrace leads back to the home.

Corcoran says he all the time likes to point out off actual wheels at home, too.

But Corcoran is just not the primary mogul to take a position in a house with a trailer park in California. The exclusive Malibu neighborhood often called Paradise Cove, which has been voted the costliest caravan park in America, is home to residents like Stevie Nicks, Minnie Driver and Matthew McConaughey.

There is an analogous case on the East Coast. In Montauk, a trailer park dubbed Billionaire’s Bunker and often called Montauk Shores made waves among the many elite.

An aftermarket offering for an 800-square-foot ocean view Montauk trailer sold earlier this yr for a record $3.75 million. Musician Jimmy Buffett got right into a bidding war for the unit in 2005, but was still outbid by $430,000. Vitaminwater co-founder Darius Bikoff, hedge fund manager Dan Loeb and film producer Karen Lauder all invested in a social trailer.

Paradise Cove most expensive trailer park
Paradise Cove in Malibu.
Ruaridh Connellan for the NY Post

A unit in a Montauk Shores caravan sold for $3.75 million.
A unit on the Montauk Shores Trailer Park within the Hamptons sold for $3.75 million in February.
Stefano Giovannini for NYPost

Meanwhile, Corcoran told The Post that even a few of her fellow sharks were considering buying a trailer at one in all these parks.

“Including values [trailer] the park has, to be honest, greater than doubled and halved in those five years. So I didn’t expect to earn money from it,” Corcoran said. “But when it comes time to sell – which can never occur – I’m sure I’ll make quite a lot of money from it. Or will someone knock on my door and ask me to maneuver out… what is the deal?”

Known because the queen of New York real estate, Corcoran founded The Corcoran Group, one in all New York’s largest real estate agents, which she sold to NRT for $66 million in 2001.

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