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I Cannot Describe Tracee Ellis Ross’s Nail Color, But I’m Loving It

When I grow up, I need to be Tracee Ellis Ross – realistically, who would not need to be? A beautiful woman in her fifties, living her best life as she pleases, who can be a black woman; sign me up immediately. So naturally when she shared her latest Instagram post, I used to be obsessive about all the things from her chunky red shades to her matching lipstick to her muted gold manicure.

Ross posted a carousel on Instagram with 4 photos and the caption: “Hold it too thanks @emmanuellekhanh for an additional pair of epic sunglasses.” I also must say thanks that those gorgeous red Emmanuelle Khanh glasses even exist because they give the impression of being so good on Ross. The first picture of the slideshow includes a fiery selfie where she is wearing red glasses, large gold bullet earrings, and matte red lipstick.

Her hand went under her chin, giving us a glimpse of her latest manicure. The third photo gives an excellent higher have a look at these nails. The color of those almond-shaped suggestions is interesting. It looks like a brown shade with golden undertones, or possibly a muted dark gold color is a greater description of the shade.

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