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Fallout just got real, as suspected Chinese spies infiltrate Alaska

Fallouts nuclear conflict has a comparatively complex history starting from environmental issues, resource depletion, and principally people spending an excessive amount of money on big, big domestic robots (although we love Codsworth from Fallout 4). But one in all the principal events that sparked the eponymous RPG apocalypse is the conflict between China and the United States that breaks out in Alaska – the Fallout 3 DLC Operation Anchorage is specially set in a pc simulation of the tipping point of the Alaskan conflict. And now, in a wild example of life mimicking art, a pivotal moment in Fallout’s story appears to be happening in real life as shady Chinese spies are reportedly attempting to infiltrate Alaska’s military bases.

There have been reports of “several” instances of suspected Chinese spies trying to achieve access to the U.S. Army’s Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks – Alaska’s second most populous area after Anchorage itself. In one case, a vehicle with Chinese nationals “passed” a security checkpoint and was stopped by officials. After a search, it turned out that there was a drone within the vehicle, and the passengers allegedly claimed that they were lost tourists.

“Many other countries and nations understand the strategic importance of Alaska.” – Mary Peltola, Member of the House of Representatives from a big Alaska district. “I feel this reiterates the necessity for the United States to know America and proceed to speculate in a strategic location.”

This is not the primary time we have reported that Fallout has a real-world precedent. Just last yr, a microbiologist provided a convincing explanation of how Feral Ghouls, the skinless, quasi-zombies present in Bethesda and Obsidian’s RPG series, could change into a reality. I just wish it was a bit of more innocent – I wish you actually got Nuka Cola Quantum, it looks delicious. Anyway, you may read the total report on suspected Chinese spies from USA today.

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