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10 behaviors that may result in domestic violence

There were misunderstandings, there have been insults. There were times when things broke, and even times when someone was pushed right into a wall. Tears and apologies followed, and every thing seemed higher.

But there was also a time when a threat was made. One party cringed as she heard words she never expected to listen to. Then, one night while the youngsters were sleeping, he put a knife to her throat. And oh, would I prefer to let you know that it wasn’t true, however it was. She told me herself.

Please, I’m begging. If you are in a relationship and also you see the behaviors listed here, ask for help. If you’re keen on someone, you must help them. If you permit destructive behavior to proceed, you do not find it irresistible. Don’t let fear stop you from doing what’s right.

The woman I discussed? She was my sister and I do not have her anymore because she waited too long to share what was occurring.

Please don’t let her story change into yours.

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