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Genshin Impact 3.8’s limited-time map won’t be what you expect

The Genshin’s strike version 3.8 may not bring back the same old time-limited Golden Apple Archipelago map. If the most recent leaks are to be believed, the brand new map can be positioned inland and surrounded by a desert, as an alternative of the summer oasis we’re used to. HoYoverse at all times introduces a short lived map to an anime game right before adding one other elemental region in major updates, but this time around, Genshin Impact’s latest location is a whole change.

The Golden Apple Archipelago is an everyday destination and was originally presented as a present from Alice to her daughter Klee. The Summertime Odyssey 2.8 map modified the scenery with interesting storylines, but players could still explore the archipelago version.

This latest temporary map appears to be called Veluriya Mirage and appears like a location straight out of Sumer. The leak provides a map that shows greenery and waterways surrounded by desert on all sides. It looks a bit like a combination between the jungle and desert of Sumer, but we cannot know of course until it arrives.

If HoYoverse’s trend towards limited-time maps continues, this one will host a flagship event with an all-new forged of characters that differ from the primary two archipelago events. The former focused on Klee, while the latter gave us some great storytelling and character interactions for Fischl, Kazuha, Xinyan, and Mona while teasing one other Archon, Nahida.

The leak comes from HutaoLover77 on Twitter via Team China. Click on the link to see the map for yourself.

If you wish to learn more about characters and discover latest knowledge, don’t miss any of the events that HoYoverse prepares for version 3.8.

Having said that, Genshin Impact version 3.7 remains to be in its early stages. It’ll be available for at the least the subsequent 4 to 5 weeks, so you’ll want to use our Genshin Impact Tier List to assist pull off the three.7 while they’re still available. And remember to make use of the available Primogem codes to extend your possibilities.

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