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10 Struggle Suggestions That Actually Help Marriages Thrive

Fighting is innate and self-taught. However, fighting a great fight in a way that protects and builds our marriage will not be. And few of us have positive role models on this area. As a result, by the point we get married, most of us have developed lifelong destructive behaviors. To handle conflict well, we want to unlearn harmful conflict patterns and replace them with positive behaviors, and this takes time, perhaps many years. But the more we practice good fighting, the simpler it involves us. Through prayer, determination, and intentionality, we will learn to argue in ways in which make our marriage stronger.

Jennifer Slattery is a author and international speaker who has spoken to women’s groups, church groups, bible studies and other writers across the country. She is the creator of six contemporary novels and maintains a devotional blog at http://jenniferslatterylivesoutloud.com. Her passion helps women discover, accept and live who they’re in Christ. As founder Totally loved ministries, she and her team work with churches to facilitate events designed to assist women reclaim their true value and live with maximum impact. When she’s not writing, reading or editing, Jennifer loves occurring dates to the mall together with her adult daughter and low dates together with her hilarious husband.

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