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10 Prepper Supplies EVERYONE Is Overlooking

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Last Updated: May 29, 2023

If you wish an inventory of CRITICAL prepper articles, you need to BEGINNING With my video “best preppers”..

That’s not what we’re talking about today.

I believe I’m going to cover a number of consumables today ALL looks.

Prepper materials you may never have considered – until today.

Many of those prepper materials are present in “It’s nice to have” as a substitute of the “obligatory” category.

But it might probably help make life more comfortable during a protracted crisis.

Ok, enough introduction; let’s jump in…

1. Pet supplies (Food / Water)

If you’ve gotten pets, prepare with their needs in mind.

Dogs and cats are the preferred pets, so prepare extra croquettes for them.

You’ll also want to incorporate pets in your water supplies.

How much? I’ll let you choose.

Small cats and dogs drink lower than large breeds.

And if you happen to own cattle, place major spare materials or systems for them.

Here’s some equipment that may allow you to prepare together with your pets in mind.

2. Contact lenses/spare glasses

If you wear corrective lenses, it’s a superb idea to have spares.

It is silly to assume that recent contacts or glasses will probably be available during a crisis.

And what happens when those you currently wear run out or get damaged?

You could also be unlucky, and poor eyesight may grow to be fundamental flaw.

I could not photograph the wide barn wall without contact lenses or glasses.

Driving becomes dangerous – especially at night.

Detecting dangers is nearly unimaginable.

I can not tell if someone is friend or foe from an inexpensive distance until it’s too late.

That’s all MAIN defects in any emergency.

If you always wear contacts, keep them a number of spare parts and phone cleaner.

You may need to have a spare set of glasses.

And if you happen to mostly wear glasses, keeping a spare set in your prepper kit is not a foul idea – just in case.

3. Coffee

Coffee may look like a luxury commodity, and also you can be right.

Nobody REQUIREMENTS coffee to survive.

But coffee may allow you to not sleep and energetic.

For example:

What happens if you happen to work with a survival coalition and arrange a military sleep schedule to patrol the bug site?

Well, coffee will allow you to not sleep and alert during those long, late nights of being the watcher.

This is only one extreme example where coffee is a survival advantage.

Many people, including myself, love their morning cup of coffee.

It raises morale.

So coffee during a protracted emergency is usually a luxury price adding to your prepper stock today.

4. Favorite bars / sweets

This is one other extremely luxurious item.

Sure, you POWER survive without Snickers or Baby Ruth barsbut why?

You do not have to IF you intend ahead.

If you store the bars properly, they’ll last a really very long time.

Or you’ll be able to buy extra and begin rotating a bit – all the time keep fresh supplies ready.

And hard candy can last almost perpetually with none special storage instructions.

Now don’t overdo it.

And realize within the worst case; you will need to ration them as much as possible.

But a small sample of your favorite treat can boost morale when the world is horrifying

5. Books/puzzles/board games/toys with high replay value

In a protracted crisis, I’m talking about several months/years; Over there there will probably be VERY boring days.

I’m talking about crouching in your location, bunker or house.

People overlook this because we assume that there may be tremendous fear and motion in a crisis situation.

We cannot imagine sitting and doing nothing.

But if there was a nuclear explosion, you could have to crouch down for a month or two until the nuclear fallout settles down.

All right, that is quite a lot of numbing “crouch”…

You’ll need a option to pass the timewithout going crazy.

Good books, puzzlesAND board games it might probably grow to be an ethical boost and a resilient option to enjoy your downtime.

I’m talking in regards to the ones that you will be completely happy to play a number of times if obligatory.

And if you’ve gotten younger children, toys with TON reproduction values ​​are probably the most resilient – e.g LEGO.

Selected Jack’s Bunker books:

6. Acoustic musical instruments (and spare parts)

Now, if you happen to play an acoustic instrument, you most likely have one at your disposal.

I’m talking about guitarAND violinAND FluteAND trumpetAND harmonicae.t.c.

So you most likely have already got an instrument to enjoy during long boring hours.

Also, if you happen to are talented, others will enjoy hearing you play.

This happened all over the world throughout the first wave of lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But what if you happen to’re not currently playing?

I suggest a long-term crisis might be the proper time to learn…

Is there is no such thing as a reason why you’ll be able to’t add harmonica AND some notes in your prepper materials.

It is the proper worst-case instrument to learn very quickly.

Also, if you happen to’re good at it, it’s a beautiful instrument to hearken to and it’s really easy to take in all places if you’ll want to sign off.

I mean, easy matches in your pocket!

And in case your instrument has parts that wear out (Such as guitar strings)you may even need a pleasant supply of those in your prepper supplies.

7. Many additional filters for gas masks

CBRN NBC-77 MASK FILTERHaving a gas mask is great but provided that you’ve gotten so much filters go together with it.

The gas mask becomes a silly Halloween mask if there are not any filters.

Now I can not inform you what number of filters you need to collect.

There are too many variables comparable to the character of the crisis, how often you’re forced to enter the danger zone, etc.

But I’d slightly have a number of filters too many than too few.

Because if the air you breathe causes fast or premature death (viruses, nuclear fallout, chemical attacks, etc.), you will want a superb supply of filters.


My favorite gas mask supplier is MIRA’S SAFETY.

8. Sewing kit and supplies

If your clothes tear, you might not find a way to afford it (and even access) recent.

Then you need to learn to stitch and get a stitching kit and supplies.

Now I’m talking about old hand sewing JUSTNOT THROUGH A SEWING MACHINE.

You cannot assume you will have access to enough power to run a contemporary sewing machine.

Instead, deal with patching holes in jeans, tears in a shirt, etc.

It doesn’t need to look pretty in a crisis; you aren’t attempting to win any embroidery prizes; it’s just purported to be functional.

9. Contraceptives

This one is very depending on your situation.

But for some people, possession contraceptive supplies is wise.

Pregnancy might not be ideal for you within the early days of the crisis.

So I won’t go into details here…

But for some people it could be prepper stock you actually wish you had AFTER the crisis hit, but thus far I’ve missed it.

10. Daily vitamins

In an emergency, you’ve gotten to assume that you simply won’t have unrestricted access to the food market.

Perhaps it is simply too dangerous to go there, or it is totally worn out of products.

Anyway, you do not need to rely solely on survival foods to satisfy all of your dietary needs.

I highly recommend stocking up several well-balanced each day vitamins.

You may even keep your body healthy this fashion if you happen to are forced to eat only rice and beans for a lot of days.


If you are serious about preparing, start going through this list 10 skipped prepper items.

This will make you and your loved ones more resilient to future crises.

It’s smart to have spare parts and backup items to survive a bit nicer.

Prepare, adapt and beat,

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