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How to beat Tulakt in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics

Among the numerous things to do in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a minigame often known as Holotactics. Those who know the unique star Wars movie Episode IV: A New Hope should immediately recognize the Holotactic. This is similar game Luke and Chewbacca played aboard the Millennium Falcon on their voyage to Alderaan. Cal’s task is to determine the way to defeat a series of opponents in Holotactics to be able to receive various rewards in Jedi: Survivor, and Tulakt just isn’t a pushover.

Tulakt is the third opponent Cal faces in the event you follow the order of difficulty from left to right. They use a combination of units in three waves that you’re going to must defeat. We’ve put together a squad that can beat any wave with an inexpensive degree of success. Unfortunately, the character of the Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor it’s random since the units behave in a different way every time. So we will not guarantee this lineup will work each time, however it should permit you to beat Tulakt in lower than three tries.

How to defeat Tulakt Jedi: Survivor holotactics

Follow unit selection and deployment exactly as described to defeat Tulakta. You can in fact experiment together with your own lineups as there are various mixtures that can work just as well.

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wave 1

Select a Ranged Purge Trooper commander and place him within the back row of the leftmost square. Then place the 2 BD-1 Melee Droids in the primary row within the two rightmost squares. These melee units will attract attention and permit the Purge Trooper to eliminate or knock down enemy units, then sweep them away once the BD-1s are defeated.

The success rate of this combo is around 70%, but retains 4 points for the following wave. The BD-2 could be problematic with its infamous wrist racket, but just do that setup again in the event you fail.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor How to defeat Tulakt Wave 1 2 3 Holotactics Halo Tactics Units

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wave 2

Rawka birds do the exertions for Wave 2. Place two adjoining Bedlam Raiders. Charge allows Rawka to immediately knock out Bedlam Raiders. Then, place two Stormtroopers on the far flanks of the front row to create a crossfire and increase their likelihood of firing their blasters. Finally, place the 2 BD-1 droids in the center slot in the primary and back rows. They act because the last wave to take out the remaining BD-1 droids together with the fireplace support of the Stormtroopers.

When things are going well, this alternative permits you to cope with the enemy quickly, however the success rate is around 60-70% because strange things can occur. Rawka may randomly miss Bedlam Raiders or be shot immediately, causing the round to be forfeited at that time. It normally works like a charm though.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor How to Beat the Tulakta Wave 1 2 3 Holotactics Halo Tactics

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Wave 3

The strategy for this wave is to cross-fire two heavy stormtroopers within the back row in flank positions. You may also use Rawka again, although you should utilize two as within the previous round (one for every Bedlam Raider). Also add two scouts on the flanks of the primary row. These will slow the Bedlam Raider without being immediately killed by the Commando Droid’s blaster fire, identical to the BD-1 melee units do. In the meantime, Heavy Stormtroopers will probably be pounding every little thing with blaster fire. The BD-1 can also be only a distraction for heavy stormtroopers.

This strategy had a rather higher success rate than other waves, but strange things are happening within the Holotactic. This is since it simulates the identical combat units that Cal fights within the actual game. There are probably higher Holotactics strategies on the market with a 100% success rate, but that is one technique to defeat Tulakt so you’ll be able to earn your reward in materials and get back to the major story in Jedi: Survivor if mini-games aren’t your thing.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is obtainable on Couple, Epic Game Storeand EA app for PC.

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