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Hailey Bieber Has Declared This the Summer of Hair Ribbons

As you could well know, Hailey Bieber recently she made her bob much more of a bob by shortening her hair significantly and ending her hair sharply on an equally sharp jawline. But in case you thought that meant she’d need to pass ponytails this summer, not only did you think that incorrect, you furthermore may didn’t anticipate that she’d be entering the era of hair ribbons. (And truthfully, how dare you?)

On Monday, May 29, Bieber posted some photos on Instagram via two different carousels showing what her joy in France looks like. (What a French bob of hers.) And in not less than eight photos, seen in a wide range of outfits, Bieber has her hair half or fully pinned up and topped with a small ribbon.

Graphic T-shirt and jeans? White ribbon. Burgundy bikini? Red ribbon. See-through skirt and crop top? Light pink ribbon. A pink pinstripe top and jeans? Another pink ribbon. Red and white striped sweater? Black Ribbon.

Both husband Justin Bieber and best friend Justine Skye appeared within the photos, and while neither of them wore ribbons, it’s really only a matter of time before the lady who single-handedly (no pun intended) placed on a classy frosty nail polish may have round her throughout her – and nowhere near her – following her example and tying their hair with a skinny strip of satin fabric.

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