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Book Review: “Homestead Survival: An Insider’s Guide to Your Great Escape” by Marty Raney

The premise of household survival

Looking for a house? Do you realize what to search for? Survival within the household is nothing recent, but in 2020 people began to comprehend that they wanted a distinct life. To quote the book: “Escape cities are global.” This book is meant to be a guide for those looking for a lifetime of self-sufficiency away from crowded cities. But which state is true for you? Do you realize methods to access clean water? What form of house is best for you and your needs? How will you power the farm? What about providing food through horticulture and cattle farming? If you’re on the lookout for a farm, these and other questions revolve around your head. But luckily for us, Marty Raney got here to our aid.


Raney, the creator of Homestead Survival, is the star of the TV show Farm rescuewhich began in 2016. Raney goes to endangered farms to assist them keep their dreams alive. The advice he offers on this book will give anyone pondering of beginning a farm a roadmap for fulfillment. It starts with understanding the mindset of home grabbing and methods to get your whole family to embrace the concept. From there, each chapter takes the reader step-by-step to what to contemplate in your farm, from finding land to gardening and even discussing tools.

It covers every little thing intimately, including constructing a house, electricity, and even constructing a composting toilet. Options for living each online and offline are also discussed. I wish it had gone into deeper detail on exact builds yet, but there are many books on the market that do. The purpose of this book was to point the reader to specific places to begin. It introduces you to concepts and concepts you might not have considered before, so you will not should call Raney to avoid wasting your farm.

He put more emphasis on off-grid life, talking about passive solar, heating, and wood stoves. I believe planning an off-grid life is a vital a part of owning a household, so this was a nice surprise. It touched on hunting a bit which was great but I believe I missed the part about finding wild edibles and fishing. Of course, that is not what this book is about, but I believed they’d be listed together with hunting. Appropriation is about using all our resources, not only what we will produce.

He talked about predators, which will likely be only a side note in most books, but because the book says, “Avoiding or deterring predators is your job, not theirs.” This couldn’t be truer, especially if you could have livestock or a garden. He’s ending a book about expecting the worst-case scenario. This is true in life, and much more so once you run a farm that may be very labour-intensive and the more you’re taking on, the more failure points there are.


Raney gives it to the reader in an easy yet realistic way. He doesn’t feed us a dream that can’t be attained; tells us exactly what it takes to make your dreams a reality. One of the explanations I actually like this book is because you may see that she desires to help people. It also offers many unconventional ideas and solutions. He explains that if there may be a will, there shall be a way. Of course, sometimes this fashion gets really creative, but there’s all the time a way.

With a long time of experience constructing his own farm on Alaska’s last frontier, he’s seen and done all of it. He speaks from experience. I actually appreciated that he added the natural disaster aspect. I vividly remember reading a few homestead in Hawaii that was burned down by a volcanic eruption. What a nightmare it will need to have been for this family. But he helped them get back on their feet, overcome the obstacle and pursue their dream.

I loved the private stories he presented to indicate the struggles but in addition the opportunities. His stories just brought home the concept that anyone can settle anywhere, however it’s all about preparation. My only wish was a couple of more photos. There were some nice illustrations within the book, but I wish there have been more. I’d especially prefer to see screenshots from the Homestead Rescue series to essentially showcase a few of the things we have been reading about. Saying all that, that is the book you must create a road map to begin farming and succeed.

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