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Honkai Star Rail: Best Construct for Herta – Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons and Abilities

Honkai: StarRail accommodates many unique characters that you would be able to get and use in some intense battles. Fortunately for gamers, there are also a lot of free characters. One such free character is Herta, which you get while playing the Simulated Universe. The Herta is an Erudite unit and focuses on area-of-effect damage. However, Herta struggles in single-objective scenarios corresponding to boss content, which lowers her effectiveness against most content in the sport. However, dedicated Herta users still need to search out an important construct to pair with Herta. Follow this guide to know one of the best construct for Herta in Honkai: StarRailand maximize her winning potential.

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Best construct for Herta in Honkai: Star Rail: Relics, Cones of Light, Eidolons and Abilities

Herta is an Ice Erudite character who has a singular passive that enables her to make one other attack when any enemy drops below 50% HP. Also, her damage is barely lower, but since her talent is so limited, this will likely reduce her usefulness in certain fights. That said, we are able to equip it with one of the best equipment in order that it may well reach its full potential, wherever you select to position Herta.

Light Cones

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Herta uses Erudite Cones of Light that increase her damage:

  • Before sunrise: Jing Yuan’s signature weapon can also be Herta’s best weapon, increasing her critical damage by a whopping 36% while increasing skill and ult damage by 18%. Herta also gains a 48% damage increase on her next attack, but you could use Herta’s Skill or Ultimate before her next attack might be performed. As such, you’ll be wanting to make use of her ultimate early within the fight to activate this buff, ensuring she doesn’t land her next attacks too early.
  • The birth of the self: This is Herta’s signature weapon that focuses solely on increasing her bonus damage. This increases the damage of Herta’s next attacks by 24%, with a further 24% if the enemy is below 50% HP. This means Herta will all the time gain no less than a 48% buff to her next attacks, as her next attack only prompts when an enemy is below 50% HP. When you reach the utmost stack of this Cone of Light, this damage increase can go as much as a whopping 96%.
  • The seriousness of breakfast: This is Herta’s best free option in case you do not have The Birth of the Self handy. This increases Herta’s DMG by 12% and her ATK by 4% for every enemy defeated, as much as 3 times.


Relics and Eidolons

Herta Honkai Star Rail Top Version 2

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  • For her 4-piece set, use Ice Forest Hunter set. This set increases Herta’s Ice DMG and her Critical DMG after using her ultimate, which suggests a giant DPS boost for Herta. This may also work well together in the event you occur to have Breaking Dawn for Herta, with stacking crit damage and supreme damage damage.
  • For her 2 piece set use Inert somersault set. This will increase Herta’s crit rate and further increase the damage of her ultimate and subsequent attacks. This can turn Herta right into a spinning monster, with plenty of harm buffs.
  • Herta has some decent Eidolons that may increase her damage potential. Her Eidolon 2 increases her critical hit rate by 3% every time her talent is activated, which is best against multiple enemies. Eidolon 4 grants a further 10% DMG increase every time her talent is triggered. finally her Eidolon 6 grants a everlasting 25% ATK boost when Herta uses her ultimate.

Honkai: StarRail is now available.

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