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The CEO of Whole Foods Shares the 9 Tips That Help Him Run His Company for the Greater Good | Entrepreneur

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Imagine that you simply run a world-renowned company that many individuals depend upon every single day. How to scale a business without compromising the values ​​that inspired its starting? In my last episode of Leadership Lessons, I had the chance to discuss with the CEO of a global supermarket chain that’s synonymous with the words healthy, local and organic: The entire grocery storeCEO Jason Buechel.

I selected his idea of ​​what it’s prefer to oversee Whole Foods Market’s 100,000+ employees in 535 stores within the US, Canada and UK

Buechel joined the Austin, Texas-based network in 2013 as Global Vice President and Chief Information Officer. He later served as chief operating officer and provided operational leadership for greater than 500 grocery chain locations.

Prior to Whole Foods Market, Buechel was capable of absorb knowledge and experience as Managing Director/Partner in Accenture’s Retail Operations department, where he worked with leading retailers on strategic business and technology transformation.

Throughout our conversation, it was absolutely clear that Buechel serves as an advocate for the culture and values ​​of Whole Foods Market and is committed to increasing access to local, high-quality food for the communities he serves. Here are nine invaluable lessons Buechel shared with me during our conversation:

1. The sky is the limit if you follow your passions

And which means not specializing in what you desire to say, but quite on what it’s essential hear. Try to grasp the scenario in the mean time and don’t allow any misinterpretation in your part when it is time to talk.

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2. Understand each stakeholder’s perspective and discover a balanced approach

Everyone involved desires to be involved. Let them know concerning the challenges you face in order that they may help develop or contribute to an answer.

3. Let team members know they’re committed to the mission and help shape the culture

Promote a culture of co-creation with team members in any respect levels and work to cultivate a culture that supports and promotes connection to a better purpose and core values. For Whole Foods Market, it’s the main target of the shop.

4. Be patient in your 20s

It’s not a race. Buechel told me he graduated from college in three and a half years because he thought he was able to graduate and join the workforce. Looking back, she says it’s good to absorb what persons are willing to give you in your 20s. Be a sponge and absorb the whole lot beneficial from everyone you understand.

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5. Have a wealthy life outside of labor

Don’t let the paper cuts related to personal sacrifices for work add as much as regret in the case of decisions you make. You only live once. Don’t quit things which can be fleeting: work will at all times be available.

6. Never stop taking risks professionally

Changing jobs, changing clients and taking risks they’re all uncomfortable, but in the event you don’t push your limits, you may never know your full potential.

7. Until you are there, you will not realize how much stronger your ability to speak as a CEO is

When you grow to be the leader of a corporation, your ability to speak greatly increases in ways you will not fully understand until you get behind the wheel. Once you realize this, you possibly can take your organization anywhere.

8. Co-create what you desire to enter

Have a team to construct your corporation with and move these people together with you. You will find that changing your ride can be difficult otherwise.

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9. Don’t think concerning the end goal

Buechel’s message to future CEOs is that in the event you do the best job, grow and support your team, good things will occur. It won’t be a linear experience. Zigzags are inevitable. So take care of the inconvenience.

For more on my hour with Buechel, watch the complete webinar here. Our growing collection of episodes from our series gives readers access to one of the best practices of successful CEOs from over 30 of the most important brands, including Wayfair, Redfin, Booking.com, Heineken, Headspace, Zoom, Chipotle, Warby Parker and ZipRecruiter, to call just a few.

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