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Tears of the Kingdom: How to make use of the rail in Great Sky Island

After the completion of the Ukouh Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm, you’ll have to make use of the tracks to get to the subsequent area. While there are lots of ways to avoid the tracks later in the sport or use them in other ways, there are only 3 ways to make use of the tracks to get to the opposite side within the early stages Tears of the Kingdom. If you’ve got forgotten what you learned on the Ukouh Temple, we’re here to assist you make the most of the Great Sky Island Railway.

Note: If you would like help solving the Ukouh Temple, try our guide.

How to make use of the rail in Tears of the Kingdom

There are 3 ways to make use of the rail on Great Sky Island: use grappling hook and platform, use grappling hook only or go to the opposite side. I like to recommend using the hook and platform technique as it’s the safest route, however the hook and walk technique are other creative options you may try.

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The hook and platform technique requires it use Ultrahand to grab the hook and fasten it to the wood platform. Once the hook and platform are attached, pick up the Ultrahand hook and place it on the railing. Release the hook and jump onto the platform. And identical to that, you’ll safely slide down the railing on the platform.

I prefer this method as is quite easy to do and is the safest way down. Standing on the wood platform while the hook follows the handrail down is a pleasing ride to the subsequent plateau.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom 2 Train Guide

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The next technique you may try is solely the hook method. To do that, simply Ultrahand hook and place it on the rail. Then, before the hook gets an excessive amount of steam, jump on the hook. The link will hold onto the hook so long as it has stamina, and you’ll have enough stamina to proceed to the subsequent plateau.

Only the hook is a method for adventurous individuals who prefer to survive the sting. It’s not the ride that hook and rig tech provides, however it’s fast and thrilling.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom 3 Train Guide

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The last way you should utilize the railroad to get across the floating islands is by road walking. This technique doesn’t require Ultrahand, however it does require a gradual hand. Climb up the pole and climb onto the railing. Then rigorously walk along the railing to the subsequent plateau. It sounds easy, however it is not.

While this system is feasible, I do not recommend it since it’s hard to do and see how often you fall If you’re feeling like a challenge, you may attempt to go to the opposite side. If you succeed, you’ll have the satisfaction of getting done something that only a number of can do.

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