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Calyx review

Calyx software is mortgage lending software designed to assist users with their mortgage lending and marketing processes. To make it easier to streamline your processes, Calyx offers quite a lot of tools, including but not limited to:

  • The point of the cup
  • Wallet manufacturer
  • Calyx network
  • INK-it
  • WebCaster tools

Calyx Point features include template creation, monthly SaaS pricing, pipeline management, lead database, and sales and loan checklists. Calyx WebCaster integrates with PointCentral and Point Tracking Google Analytics. INK is an e-signature tool that permits you to prepare borrower forms at PointCentral and Point.

Due to the numerous features it has to supply, Calyx is utilized by industry leaders in finance and mortgages. Its platform also includes information on mortgage lending, marketing, product documentation, and processing guides. Additionally, Calyx offers each email and phone support.

Calyx is a recognized supplier of mortgage software utilized by mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions and brokerages throughout the United States. Its intuitive technology – including online borrower interview, secure e-signature software and lending systems – streamlines, integrates and optimizes every step of the mortgage lending process for purchasers of all sizes, complexity, workflows and channels.

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