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Resident Evil 4 remake: Where to seek out the Cubic Device

The Resident Evil 4 the remake is stuffed with hidden treasures to seek out. But for those who’ve made it to the Castle, you could have noticed that a few of that loot is locked up. That’s because you want to find the Cubic Device first. Unfortunately, this item can’t be found until you might have explored a big a part of the castle. So be prepared to roll back once you might have it in your hands. Here’s methods to find Cubic Device in Resident Evil 4 redo.

Resident Evil 4 remake: How to get Cubic Device

The excellent news is that Cubic Device is tough to miss. You will find a way to catch him in chapter 9. In this chapter, Leon and Ashley must collect the pinnacle of a lion, a snake and a goat for the Chimera statue within the Great Hall. This quest will take you to a few sections of this area. And that is the armory where the Cubic Device is positioned.

All you might have to do is make your way through the armory section and take care of the onslaught of infected knights. It’s not too difficult and Ashley even offers a helping hand. However, to have the perfect likelihood of winning, be certain you might have something powerful like a Riot Gun. It would not hurt to pack a couple of healing items just in case. You never know the way some fights will end up Resident Evil 4 redo ultimately.

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After the fight is over, Leon and Ashley must undergo a door guarded by statues of knights. After going through, the chest you need to find is at the tip of the corridor. All you might have to do is open it and you’ll have Cubic Device. Now you may unlock various lockers scattered throughout the castle. You’ll also need a cubic device to seek out the CQBR Assault Rifle. So the earlier you discover the cubic device, the faster you may do it Resident Evil 4good loot.

Location of the Resident Evil 4 Remake Cubic device

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How to make use of Cubic

Cubic Device could seem confusing at first, but it surely’s easy to make use of. If you take a look at it, you will see different grooves everywhere in the cube. And each cabinet it opens requires a unique set of grooves to open. All you might have to do is turn the Cubic Device until each groove is aligned with the protruding parts of the lock. Once you do, all of the treasure inside might be yours.

Resident Evil 4 How to use the Cubic device

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