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8 Prom Movies To Watch Before “Prom Pact” Premieres On Disney+ Friday, March 31

It’s prom season, honey. Even in case your days of scouring department shops for the very best “just as much leather my parents still allow” dresses and waiting with bated breath for somebody to ask you to bop does not imply you’ll be able to’t return to the times of great music and low beat. We’re talking prom movies.

Disney+ Has a New Teen Romantic Comedy Coming Friday, March 31, 2023 Titled Ball Pact. Mandy wants to disregard all of the “proposals” that currently clog the hallways of her highschool in favor of asking popular boyfriend Graham to assist her get into Harvard. She looks so cute and I’m fully able to enter the pantheon of prom movies. But you would like something to lift you up before it shows up? Here are some good prom videos you’ll be able to stream right away:

Prom (2011)

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Nova is on the prom committee and desires things to go well. Of course not, and when he has to spend weeks making a recent fountain, he hooks up with Jesse Richter, who rides a bike he hates. This movie is a must for the sheer expertly crafted lead from enemies to lovers. To watch Prom ON Disney+.

She’s It All (1999)

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When Zack Siler is asked to show the baddest girl at school into prom queen, he picks Laney Boggs. She is roofed in paint, has glasses and a random ponytail. (Oh, horror!) It’s only a bet… no less than that is the plan. But he might just fall in love with this diamond within the rough. You can thank this classic ’90s romantic comedy for its “take off her glasses and he or she’s beautiful” trope. It’s a cliché in all the very best ways. To watch She is all of it ON HBO Max.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

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Bianca wants thus far, but she’s not allowed to, unless she will get her shrew sister on a date too. But who would come out of…feminist? (Gets his breath!) Partick Verona (played by the wonderful Heath Ledger) gets paid to court Kat and quickly realizes that his feelings are very real. Everything ends on the ball, because it should. To watch 10 things I hate about you ON Disney+.

I’ve Never Been Kissed (1999)

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As you’ll be able to see, 1999 was an excellent yr for promo movies. In this movie, Josie Geller played by Drew Barrymore works undercover at a close-by highschool to infiltrate the cool kids. Unfortunately, not only was she not cool when she was a youngster, she also never had a very amazing kiss. You’d think falling in love along with your English teacher can be an excellent idea (right?), but being exposed on the prom proves otherwise. To watch I’ve never kissed ON Disney+.

Prom (2020)


When the PTA cancels prom because considered one of the lesbian students, Emma, ​​desires to bring her girlfriend, leave it to 4 half-baked Broadway entertainers to avoid wasting the day. This musical comedy had mixed reviews on the time (partly as a result of the addition of James Corden), but sometimes you simply need to turn off your brain and sing along to funny songs while dreaming of a sparkling prom night. To watch Prom ON Netflix.

Pretty in Pink (1986)

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Andie Walsh comes from the poor side of town, so when considered one of the wealthy boys at college shows interest in her, everyone in her life is skeptical, including her eccentric best friend Duckie. It’s an incredible movie to look at for prom dresses vibes – no less than to see what to not do. Andie takes two gorgeous pink prom dresses and turns them right into a shapeless Frankenstein monster. To watch Pretty in pink ON HBO Max.

Graduation Night (1980)

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Years after an unlucky death, seniors from a neighborhood highschool are terrorized by a mysterious slasher. Okay, this post is more for the horror buff than the casual prom fan, but it is best to stream this for those who’re feeling a bit anti-prom right away. While there was a 2008 remake, pick the unique for now, Oscar-winning scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis. To watch Prom night ON Peacock AND Amazon Freevee.

Carrie (1976)

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On the opposite hand, if you must watch a real classic with regards to prom horror movies, you’ve gotten to look at this Carrie. Carrie is a little bit of an outcast together with her mother’s religious fan and fondness for telekinesis, but things start to enhance when she is invited to the prom. Unfortunately, it was all a joke, brother, and he or she decides to get revenge, covered in pig’s blood that her captors used to humiliate her. To watch Carrie ON Best video AND Paramount+.

And in fact check Ball Pact ON Disney+ from March 31, 2023

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