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Increase in Suicides: Important Facts and Figures

Recently, there was a rise within the variety of suicides, which is because of psychosocial reasons. We are talking about this trend and its possible prevention.

Suicide Rise: Important Facts and Figures
Elena Sanz

Written and verified by psychologist Elena Sanz.

Last actualisation: March 26, 2023

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), roughly 1 million people commit suicide every year. Unfortunately, this number has increased recently. Although we may not all the time concentrate on it, an individual’s decision to finish their life shouldn’t be just a person decision; social aspects play a job. Therefore, it’s time to noticeably and informatively address the rise within the variety of suicides.

If so many individuals see death because the only way out of suffering, it is evident that something is unsuitable with our society. Stress at work and funds, individualism and loneliness, lack of contact, poor psychiatric care… there are lots of areas for improvement if we wish to finish this growing trend.

Significant data on the rise within the variety of suicides

Despite being a taboo and stigmatized topic, suicide is a reality we live with on a every day basis. This liable for greater than half of all violent deaths worldwide and is third fundamental cause deaths amongst young people aged 15-29.

Suicidal behavior affects people of all backgrounds, classes and ages. And not only the youngest are in danger.

Significant peak of the disease was found in people over 65 years of age. Even the kid population, which was previously considered a low-risk group, saw a rise in suicide rates.

If these figures seem disturbing to us, allow us to do not forget that they don’t even reflect the entire situation. Many deaths recorded as accidents are the truth is voluntary deaths. Passive suicides (committed mainly by the elderly) are also omitted.

There are many suicide attempts that, while not fatal, are also worrying. Therefore, the variety of suicide attempts amongst children and adolescents increased by 250% in 2022.

All these data warn us of this a big percentage of the population experiences severe emotional problems and going through such stressful experiences that put them in inconceivable situations.

The reality of suicide has develop into apparent within the child population. Previously, this group was considered a low-risk group, but not anymore.

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Facts to think about

For individuals who have never been in this case, it might be obscure that somebody would make the choice to finish their life. But the reality is that nobody is secure and that is it emptiness and despair can sneak at any time and sneak in until the person is convinced that there isn’t a way out.

While the causes and risk aspects may vary depending on the context, there are some aspects which can be known to be related to suicidal behavior:

  • Being a victim of abuse.
  • Suffering physical or psychological harassment or violence. In fact, bullying is one among the foremost risk aspects amongst minors.
  • Sensational dissemination of suicides within the media.
  • Suffering from a certain psychic vulnerabilityaffected by mental disorders or having previously attempted suicide.
  • No strong relationships and no support network.
  • Lack of fine coping strategies in difficult and stressful situations.

In addition to the above, the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has contributed to this spike in suicides worldwide. This has had serious consequences, leading to the destruction of tens of millions of jobs, the impact on economic systems, the constant fear bombardment by the media, the disruption of routines and the lack of interpersonal contacts because of alienation.

Undoubtedly, this case has significantly deteriorated the mental health of many individuals. And with no personal, health, or social resources to cope with what happened, voluntary death can have been seen because the only way out.

Situations of isolation and breaking social ties are conducive to the chance of suicide

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Actions to stop the rise in suicides

When we discuss suicide, we normally only concentrate on the one that ends their life. But it is a structural problem that affects all of society.

It is essential to take actions limiting the rise in suicides in various areas: administration, health, social, family and individual care. Suicide prevention programs have been developed with successful results.

In addition, other measures ought to be considered:

  • Educate and lift awareness among the many population about suicideits causes and effects.
  • Eliminate taboos and stigma, talk about it properly and with awareness. In this regard, the media should highlight possible solutions and ways to assist.
  • Create programs with specific characteristics for every goal population.
  • Reduce the impact of risk aspects and strengthen protective aspects.
  • Train healthcare professionals to detect early warning signals.
  • Providing sufficient, high-quality and specialized mental health care.

In short, stopping the rise in suicides should be a joint effort and is an urgent task in the sunshine of numbers and data. An individual vulnerable to suicide must receive support and care, each from the environment and professionals. Primary prevention is the important thing to achieving this goal.

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