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212 Three words quotes about love, life, success and far more

In today’s post, I’d prefer to keep it short and straightforward.

I would love to share 212 of essentially the most powerful short three-word quotes.

Quick and timeless thoughts on love, life, relationships, success, self-love and positive considering.

I hope you discover something here that sticks in your mind and helps you ultimately today and in the approaching weeks and months.

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Three words inspirational quotes

“Only good vibes.”

“Hope conquers all.”

“Only hope stays.”

“Break your bad habits.”

“Happiness before success.”

“Change your bad habits.”

“Creativity takes courage.”

“Appreciate the moment.”

“Dreams come true.”

“Go for it.”

“Try something recent.”

“Light up life.”

“Love will endure every thing.”

“Passion + motion = priceless.”

“Happiness is homemade.”

“I’ll be there.”

“Fight for the reality.”

“Start today.”

“Have your value.”

“Less means more.”

“Failure builds success.”

“Exercise day by day.”

“Be the change.”

“Do not lose hope”.

“Eliminate time thieves.”

“Limit negative influences.”

“Go forward”.

“It is rarely too late”.

Three word quotes about love and relationships

“Make recent friends.”

“Friendliness = good vibes.”

“Judgment Free Zone”.

“Build quality relationships.”

“Love conquers all.”

“How are you?”

“Love endures delay.”

“Make people smile.”

“Let’s be friends.”

“Friends really listen.”

“Please forgive me.”

“Truth takes time.”

“You belong here.”

“Focus on the blessings.”

“New friends = great.”

“Only true love.”

“I miss you.”

“We love you.”

“Love your parents.”

“Chase not love”.

“You and me eternally”.

“Always stay close.”

“Give before taking.”

“Leave yourself.”

“Make someone’s day.”

“Keep your integrity.”

“Judge less often.”

“Stop interested by every thing.”

“Love Without Expectations”.

“Hugs day by day.”

“Trust your gut feeling.”

Three words quotes about success

“Read interesting articles.”

“Teamwork = dream job.”

“Brainstorm with alternative ideas.”

“Competition drives growth.”

“Always deliver quality.”

“Procrastination steals time.”

“Identify key milestones.”

“Manage your resources correctly.”

“Reward high performance.”

“Concentrate and win.”

“Now or never.”

“Organize your life.”

“Teams need leadership.”

“Set clear goals.”

“Winners never surrender.”

“Find your mistakes.”

“Track your progress.”


“Ready, aim, shoot.”

“Order fosters creativity.”

“Success breeds success.”

“Take small steps.”

“Reassessment and Simplification”.

“Against every thing.”

“Ready, shoot, aim.”

“Save some money.”

“It’s not unimaginable.”

“Set measurable goals.”

“Ask higher questions.”

“Simplification reduces stress.”

“Show your work.”

Three words quotes about life

“Live life to the fullest.”

“Have meaningful goals.”

“Be always curious.”

“Life is now.”

“Make enough money.”

“Be obsessively grateful.”

“Let it’s fun.”

“Life won’t wait.”

“Live, laugh, learn.”


“Sleep well.”

“Life is life.”

“Ride or die.”

“Simplify, simplify, simplify.”

“Trust the method.”

“Keep the knowledge flowing.”

“Master continuous change.”

“Knowledge is power.”

“All good.”

“Holidays are needed.”

“Thread day by day”.

“Have a pleasant trip.”

“Just do it.”

“Relationships are more essential than money”

“Block the Haters.”

“Never drive drunk.”

“Drink more water.”

“Choose your words fastidiously.”

“Decide. Act. Succeed.”

“You must laugh.”

Deep three word quotes

“Every moment matters.”

“Chase your dreams.”

“Health over money”.

“Celebrate small victories.”

“Price your time.”

“Small start = success”.

“It will rain.”

“Money builds character.”

“Experience beats reading.”

“Live your potential.”

“Practice, practice, practice.”

“Consequence over inspiration.”

“I tripped? Try again.”

“Eat something recent.”

“Perfectionism prevents progress.”

“Get more sleep.”

“Life is just not everlasting.”

“Life is Beautiful.”

Three words quotes about self love

“You count too.”

“Love yourself today.”

“Self-kindness increases self-esteem.”

“Be yourself”.

“Weird is okay.”

“Follow your passion.”

“Feed your soul.”

“Your dreams matter.”

“Be the exception.”

“You deserve love.”

“Nobody is ideal.”

“Believe in yourself.”

“Perfectionism is poison.”

“Live for you.”

“Only positive self-talk.”

“Accept your weakness.”

“Failure is just not you.”

“Self-love builds slowly.”

“Failures are normal.”

“Time heals every thing.”

“Be happy with yourself.”

“Go beyond the odd.”

“You’re special.”

“Self-care is crucial.”

“Self-love is mental health.”

“Souls need food.”

“You are usually not alone”.

“Ask for help.”

“Try to like yourself again.”

“We all suffer.”

“Be your best friend.”

“Gentlely accept yourself.”

“You are a miracle.”

“Bet on yourself.”

“I’m enough.”

3 positive attitude word quotes

“Count your blessings.”

“Spread positive vibes.”

“Participation equals value.”

“Never stop dreaming.”

“Let it’s.”

“Never look back.”

“Do it now.”

“Learn from yesterday.”

“Love your enemies.”

“Never surrender.”

“Passion, strength, fire.”

“The Next Great Feat?”

“Act as if.”

“Share Your Dreams”

“Keep calm today.”

“One day it becomes never.”

“Grace Under Pressure”.

“Seize the day.”

“Always clear communication.”

“Focus on solutions.”

“It will pass”.

“Comparison steals joy.”

“Don’t hold a grudge.”


“Progress, not perfection.”

“Laugh out loud”.

“Always be yourself.”

“Stop considering negatively.”

“Character is destiny.”

“Emotions are contagious.”

“Positivity, Love and Happiness”.

“Dreams take time.”

“Impact. Inspire. Influence.”

“Strength from inside”.

“Stick your fire.”

“Everything is to be determined.”

“Constant curiosity = achievement.”

“Fighting builds strength.”

“Don’t lose faith.”

“Positivity breeds positivity.”

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