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12 Characteristics to Search for in Early-Stage Hires

Getting the main points right is particularly necessary for newer businesses. What is the #1 quality you search for when bringing a latest worker to the corporate at an early stage of development and why is it so necessary?

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1. Self-sufficiency

When hiring a latest worker in the corporate at an early stage, be sure that that she or he is self-sufficient. In other words, can they do each day tasks without looking over their shoulder? If so, they’re probably an excellent fit for what you are promoting. New business owners rarely have time to micromanage and track every task, so self-sufficient employees are extremely helpful.

Damanjeet Singh, A set of funnels

2. Adaptability

Adaptability and suppleness are key qualities for anyone who joins the team within the early stages. In any latest business, priorities and processes can change quickly and even the culture can evolve. New employees should be willing and in a position to change direction quickly and effectively, without having to carry the hand of management.

Samuel Saxton, ConsumerRating.org

3. Resourcefulness

Find someone who’s resourceful. While you are still establishing supplier relationships, standard operating procedures, and internal staffing, it is important that latest hires in the corporate are flexible enough early on to search out the correct resources to resolve issues quickly, not allowing small things to create big roadblocks. Resourceful people will dramatically increase productivity.

Firas Kittaneh, Amerisleep mattress

4. Enthusiasm

I’m searching for enthusiasm. The workload in a startup is unpredictable and diverse, and only employees who’re captivated with the event of the corporate and their profession can thrive in such an environment. Therefore, when recruiting, I value the inner motivation of candidates as much as their skills and knowledge.

Kelly Richardson, Infobrandz

Getting to know a new industry before changing your career

5. Curiosity

One of the qualities I search for when hiring latest members is curiosity. I need my team members to be curious. I feel curious persons are smarter, more modern, and more intelligent than those that aren’t. They often have the need and desire to learn and understand more about all the things.

Andrew Munro, PartnerWP

6. Striving for victory

There are so many challenges and obstacles within the early stages of a startup that it is important to rent employees who’re motivated to win. This motivation helps them stay motivated and optimistic, and when challenges arise, they’re greater than willing to make things occur. I’m also searching for people willing to coach. Usually such persons are flexible and learn quickly.

Candice Georgiadis, Digital Day

7. Ability to thrive in an off-the-cuff setting

What I’m searching for is someone who thrives in an off-the-cuff environment. This signifies that they wish to work in a spot without formal titles and strict hierarchy. A latest hire must communicate well and work well with others, even when it means going beyond their primary role and responsibilities. This is vital since it ensures that the brand new worker can start and help everyone succeed.

Blair Williams, MemberPress

8. Proactive attitude

Proactive employees are focused on development. They learn quickly and are blissful to search out creative solutions to projects on their very own, reasonably than relying solely on instructions. In addition, they’ve great potential for rapid advancement within the organization resulting from their enthusiasm and willingness to take risks and achieve results.

Tonic Bruce, Drive Nice, Inc.

Customer involvement
image source: Edmond Dantès / Pexels

9. Ability to speak well

Someone who’s an excellent communicator is in a position to bring out one of the best in people. They are in a position to lead and get people to ideas. They use words to get consensus and explain what they need and once they need it.

Jennifer A. Barnes, Optima, Inc. Office

10. Willingness to ask questions

The willingness to ask questions is the essential quality I value in a latest worker, especially once we are working on something latest, similar to a startup or developing technology. A one who asks questions is a one who wonders. They shall be less prone to make mistakes and can learn more. It also shows that they convey well, which makes them invaluable for early-stage firms.

Syed Balkhi, WPPbeginner

11. Attitude of “go-go”.

In an organization at an early stage, I would favor to introduce go-getting people to the team. To make an impact, I want a team that’s action-oriented and gets the job done on time. This would be certain that the agreed results are on target and that we’re steadily moving towards our goal. When starting, the corporate cannot afford any delays. So a hit-and-run attitude can be essential trait for me when hiring.

Jared Atchison, WPForms

12. Passion

Every person you recruit to construct your first team should be an excellent fit with the corporate’s ideology and its higher goals. Skills are necessary, but you possibly can all the time upgrade an individual’s skills when needed. There is not any compromise relating to their passion and dedication to the reason for the corporate. Get it right and you will have a team coming together to make what you are promoting successful from day one.

Bryce Welker, Big 4 accounting firms

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