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100 easy ways to immediately improve your life

Not every positive change in our lives must be big.

Sometimes drastic changes are helpful – quitting smoking, switching to minimalism, changing careers.

But sometimes an easy change can improve our lives and set us on a recent path.

Small changes require less planning – and may often be implemented straight away.

With that in mind, I sat down and wrote an inventory:

100 easy ways to immediately improve your life

1. Wake up quarter-hour earlier.

2. Drink more water.

3. Go for a 10-minute walk each day to clear your head.

4. Take a couple of deep breaths.

5. Listen to uplifting music.

6. Read chapter 1 within the book.

7. Make an inventory of three things to do every morning.

8. Write down 3 stuff you are grateful for.

9. Turn off the TV earlier within the day.

10. Meditate.

11. Turn off social media for a very long time.

12. Go to bed earlier.

13. Stretch within the morning.

14. Spend time talking to the one you love.

15. Text an old friend to say hello.

16. Take breaks throughout the day Pomodoro technique.

17. Keep a 3-sentence journal.

18. Make time for solitude.

19. Eat more vegetables.

20. Cancel one unnecessary commitment.

21. Say more compliments.

22. Practice good posture.

23. Take a while to volunteer.

24. Clean one place.

25. Dental floss.

26. Make your bed.

27. Recall a memory with a loved one who has passed away.

28. Choose a healthy snack.

29. Watch the TED talk.

thirty. Smile at yourself within the mirror.

31. Smile in public.

32. Say “It’s going to be an incredible day!”

33. Take a shower.

34. Do something nice for another person.

35. Listen to a podcast.

36. Spend time together with your pet.

37. Take a nap.

38. Do some push-ups and sit-ups.

39. Write down a positive affirmation.

40. Listen to nature.

41. Clean up your desk.

42. Turn off notifications in your phone.

43. Remove the distracting app.

44. Send a handwritten thanks letter.

45. Take a distinct route home.

46. ​​Take one photo a day.

47. Practice hobbies.

48. Eat protein for breakfast.

49. Create a vision board.

50. Find a recent recipe together with your favorite ingredients.

51. Make a donation to a charity you suspect in.

52. Hug your spouse a bit of longer.

53. Say “I like you” more often.

54. Have a cup of tea.

55. Sit down with each feet on the ground.

56. Stand within the Superman pose.

57. Express your opinion.

58. Watch the sunset.

59. Spend time with plants.

60. Turn off negative messages.

61. Laugh.

62. Call Mom or Dad.

63. Make an inventory of your strengths.

64. Give thanks before a meal.

65. Spend time with individuals who encourage you.

66. Write a letter to yourself.

67. Solve Sudoku.

68. Say “good job” to someone at work.

69. Take a break from sugar.

70. Find a recent positive personality to follow online.

71. Wave to your neighbors.

72. Clean up your kitchen.

73. Create a morning routine.

74. Play chess.

75. Post a positive message on social media.

76. Unsubscribe from the e-mail list.

77. Teach your kids age-appropriate responsibilities.

78. Leave a positive online review of your favorite restaurant.

79. Reminisce with a member of the family.

80. Sing to the radio.

81. Give yourself an additional 10 minutes to get to your next destination.

82. Text encouragement to your child or young relative.

83. Visualize yourself in your favorite vacation spot.

84. Make a word game or puzzle.

85. Sleep 8 hours.

86. Turn off your phone an hour before going to bed.

87. Leave work at work.

88. Take an e-mail-free evening.

89. Look on the moon and stars.

90. Put on some music when you clean up after dinner.

91. Discuss the perfect a part of your day over dinner.

92. Dance like nobody is watching when nobody is watching.

93. Moisturize.

94. Check for updates out of your favorite band/artist.

95. Before going to bed, check the schedule for tomorrow.

96. Pray.

97. Use sunscreen.

98. Do one wash.

99. Determine your outfit for the day prematurely.

100. Wear comfortable shoes.

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