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Diablo 4: Ashava World Boss spawn point location

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Diablo 4 is fast approaching, and players from everywhere in the world have gathered, battled, and plundered their way through the Early Access Beta to earn amazing rewards. While the beta has plenty to do, the brand new World Boss feature pulls players at a certain time to a selected location. But where? Fortunately, we all know the so-called Diablo 4 Spawn area for the boss of the Ashava world.

Ashava World Boss spawn point in Diablo 4

The full game may have more world bosses, but Ashava the Pestilient wreaks havoc within the beta at certain times. Spawns within the open on the east side of the Fractured Peaks map. The sub-area of ​​the map where it appears is known as the Crucible, and it’s an enormous open area that appears to be dedicated only to fighting Ashava. About half-hour before he spawns, Ashawa’s spawn location and timer are marked on everyone’s map.

Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss spawn map

Ashava World Boss spawn point in Diablo 4. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Battle with Ashava in Diablo 4

Moreover, fighting Ashava isn’t any walk within the park. Up to 12 players battle the world boss and Ashawa’s stats are huge. So huge that we will not recommend fighting Ashava below level 25. It is definitely doable, but you’ll have a tough time. When the boss spawns, the twelve of you could have quarter-hour to defeat him. If not defeated inside these quarter-hour, Ashava crawls back to the pits of hell from whence he got here.

Ashava Awards

When you defeat Ashav, he’ll drop some notable items, possibly some legendary items. Additionally, Ashava has a weekly bonus cache. In beta, this weekly bonus is set by you First rehearsal for the boss this week. For example, I lost the primary time I attempted to fight Ashava, but won the second time. AND don’t get a weekly bonus because I lost the primary time. Blizzard has up to now been silent on whether it is a bug or a feature.

Diablo 4 is out there for pre-order on Battle.net. The full game shall be released on June 6.

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