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Marvel Snap: Best Kang Decks

Kang is probably the most powerful beings within the Marvel Universe with complete control over time travel. IN Marvel Snap, is a 5-cost, 0-power card with a shocking effect. When Kang is revealed, you may see what your opponent has done before starting your turn again without him. It is a Series 5 card, making it hard to get, and it costs 6,000 Trading Tokens from the shop. Given his game-changing impact, listed here are a few of the perfect Marvel Snap decks for Kang the Conqueror.

The best Marvel Snap decks for Kang the Conqueror

Lockjaw-Thanos Kang deck

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Lockjaw and Thanos have all the time been a robust combination. Thanos shuffles single-cost Infinity Stones into your deck, which may be converted right into a deck with Jaw or more powerful cards.

This deck includes Sunspot and Quinjet as single-cost cards. Quinjet discounts all Infinity Stones to zero energy, while Sunspot converts excess energy into power.

Killmonger, Shang-Chi, Cosmo, and Leech make up the destructive a part of this deck. Killmonger clears the board of single-cost cards, including Infinity Stones that we don’t need in play. Cosmo suppresses all abilities when revealed at his location, while Leech removes the skills of all cards in his opponent’s hand. Together, they prevent the opponent from advancing their game plan and activating their card effects. Shang-Chi is the proper inclusion for destroying power cards over 9 that your opponent has in play.

She-Hulk and Chavez are great endgames if we haven’t got Thanos in hand, and so they’re great when pulled from our deck by Lockjaw. She-Hulk may also be played within the fourth turn if no energy was utilized in the previous turn.

Aero, definitely the perfect card in the sport, completes this deck. Moves your opponent’s cards played this turn to its location, allowing you to dictate where your opponent places their power. Kang means that you can determine where to play Eros and Shang-Chis in the ultimate turns of the sport. It also tells what Lockjaw will send from our deck and what plays the opponent will make. Kang makes the destructive core of this deck much stronger.

Kang Galactus Deck

Marvel Snap Best Decks Kang Deck 2

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This deck plays Galactus as our essential win condition. Galactus is a 6-cost, power-2 card that destroys all other locations if alone in the situation it was played on. Thanks to this, we will destroy locations that the opponent wins, and tip the scales of victory in our favor. Kang allows us to find out a secure place to play Galactus based on what the opponent does. We can play Cosmo or Aero with the knowledge we’ve got.

To play Galactus as soon as possible, we’ve got Psylocke and Electro in our deck. Pyslocke gives us extra energy on the following turn, and Electro gives us extra energy every turn, with the drawback that we will only play one card per turn. We also play Wave, which changes the fee of all cards to 4 energies on the following turn. Therefore, we will introduce Galactus into the sport as early because the fourth turn.

Because we produce a lot energy on this deck, She-Hulk and Sunspot are essential to make use of up the surplus energy. Sunspot absorbs unused energy while She-Hulk becomes cheaper for unused energy within the last turn. Shang-Chi is a key destructive tool for destroying any high-power cards played by your opponent.

Since the Galactus effect When Revealed leaves one location in play, Green Goblin and Hobgoblin are great inclusions. We can send these negative power cards to the opponent’s side, leaving them less room to play their card while still keeping their very own place.

Knull and Death are devastating post-Galactus playing cards. When Galactus destroys other locations, he also destroys the cards in those locations. Knull gains the facility of all cards destroyed within the match, easily having an influence of 20+ at the tip of the sport. Death becomes cheaper for every card destroyed, which implies we regularly have a zero-cost, 12-power card to play at the tip of the sport.

Kang’s Interference Deck

Marvel Snap Best Decks Kang Deck 3

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This deck uses the predictable abilities of Kang and Daredevil to manage our opponents. Daredevil shows us the cards played by our opponent before we play our own, while Kang may be played in turn 6 to see our opponents’ plays within the last two turns of the sport.

We can use the knowledge we get from Kang and Daredevil to play our Professor X, Gamora, and Hobgoblin accordingly. Professor X locks the situation where he’s played, stopping cards from being added to or faraway from that location. Hogoblin, alternatively, goes to the opponent’s side with -8 power, reducing the quantity of space the opponent has and giving them an enormous power reduction. These cards can win a location by themselves on turn 5.

  • Gamora is one other solid addition. Gain 5 strength when an opponent plays a card in the identical place it was played.
  • The Iceman is a useful 1-cost card that causes the opponent’s card to cost one energy more, and Shang-Chi is great for clearing enemy threats.

The storm floods the situation, which implies cards can only be played in that location for another turn. Combined with Juggernaut, she can even win a location, as Juggernaut moves the cards played by the opponent within the sunken location to a different location. Spider-Man performs the same function, stopping the opponent from playing cards in place on the following turn, stopping hostile combos.

Aero is great for moving cards where we wish to win a location or disrupt an opponent.

Finally, America Chavez gives us a guaranteed power of 9, turn 6 if we’d like it.

These are just a few of the perfect Marvel Snap decks you may construct with Kang. Feel free to experiment and see what other combos you may discover with everyone’s favorite time traveler.

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