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10 ways to kill your marriage

Sometimes we forget concerning the early adventure of discovery in marriage – the “wow” factor as we would like to know increasingly about our partner and experience life together in recent ways. We loved how our partner’s life complemented ours and made life feel higher. But with the eventual everydayness of life got here a danger – identity. The answer isn’t a recent partner, but relatively a recent perspective and a fresh enjoyment of the partner God has given us.

Here’s the issue: predictability may be a superb thing. We need to know what we will expect from our partner. But we should be careful. Predictability – hype, every part is similar – can even create intimacy and tedium, a recurring reason for couples to be unfaithful. Beware of thinness within the spirit of marriage. Make room for carefree moments that glorify God—“planned” spontaneity! Set the stage for love in a recent way.

Manage your calendar and block time on your spouse only. Keep alive the little things that ignite your relationship: dating, attending a conference together, relaxing together and recuperating on vacation. Create time together to laugh, learn, and love God presence. Let recent adventures unfold!

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