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CANA Provisions AR-1: A Portable Water Pump for Overlanding and Survival

Bad situations are sometimes the idea for good ideas. In 2008, Zach, founding father of CANA Provisions, worked in Cameroon alongside Engineers Without Borders. This African country has been torn apart by many years of economic crisis, war and disease. Clean water – a resource most of us take without any consideration on a day by day basis – has been hard to come back by in rural areas, resulting in outbreaks of preventable diseases reminiscent of typhus. Zach’s team worked to construct and install water collection and treatment systems within the village of Nkuv, but eventually returned to America where such systems didn’t seem mandatory. But 12 years later, while attending a Tactical Urban Development (TUSC) course at a respected training facility often known as Direct Action Resource Center (DARC)Zach realized that a few of his previous experiences were still relevant to emergency preparedness. This led him to develop the CANA Provisions AR-1, a transportable water pump that was designed to assist families and small groups obtain clean water more efficiently.

Development of CANA AR-1 regulations

To understand the AR-1, it will be significant to know the event that triggered its creation. DARC TUSC is a week-long course that “discuss some tactics and techniques that may be utilized by a small cohesive group to hedge their assets and survive in a period of political, social and economic instability with locally repeated levels of violence where the rule of law is absent or virtually non-existent. Many who’ve undergone the TUSC program find it a harrowing but learning experience, and that was definitely the case with Zach. He refers to his experience as “an exercise in human suffering” – a vital awakening to the fact of disaster preparedness.

One of Zach’s responsibilities during TUSC was to acquire and purify enough water for the whole team. He quickly realized that collecting swamp water, filtering sediment and debris, and treating it in the sector to supply 10 to fifteen gallons of protected drinking water a day was inconceivable with the equipment he brought. It was an enormous problem that lingered in his mind after the category ended.

The collection and treatment of water requires a flow from the source to the clean water reservoir. Hand pumps and filter bottles may be effective for smaller amounts of water, but producing large amounts is tedious and laborious. Gravity filters are an alternative choice, but they’re painfully slow and sensitive to clogged filters.

To speed up the method, Zach began experimenting with various water pumps available in the marketplace. Many existing pumps could produce sufficient water flow, but they were designed for on-site use or for everlasting installation. Mobile use would require a more robust, rugged case. These off-the-shelf pumps were also designed to run on clean, stable electrical power – the sort you’d get from a wall outlet – and lacked the electronic “brain” mandatory to just accept power from quite a lot of mobile sources (automotive batteries, Goal Zero power stations, etc.). So Zach used his engineering knowledge to develop a variable pressure diaphragm water pump system that could possibly be used almost anywhere on Earth.

AR-1 features

The CANA Provisions AR-1 is described as “all the things you would like in a single kit to start out moving the water”. The product description continues: “From source to container, container to container, pressurizing a pre-connected system or filter feed – moving water what the AR-1 does. No more manual pumping, no more siphoning, no more dipping containers into the pond.” The kit will function the idea for a modular ecosystem of water collection and treatment components to be offered by CANA Provisions.

The AR-1 pump is housed in an impact-resistant housing with IP65 dust-proof and weather-resistant seals. It includes Anderson 15-45A electrical connectors, a user-operated 10A fuse, and all electronics mandatory to soundly regulate power from quite a lot of off-grid sources. The pump draws only 3.5A at 12V during normal operation, so it may well easily be powered from a transportable power station reminiscent of the Goal Zero Yeti or some other 12V battery (LiPo, LiFePO4, Li-Ion, SLA, AGM). Built-in vibration dampers allow for near-silent operation, even when permanently attached to a trailer or truck.

To feed the CANA Provisions AR-1, you will need to attach the included quick-detach 10-foot inlet hose and drop the tip right into a nearby water source. Then connect the outlet hose through one other QD socket, route it to your chosen water container and switch on the facility turn on the pump. The AR-1 produces roughly 3 gallons (or 11.3 liters) of water flow per minute, and its dual built-in filters filter out particles and debris. The pressure may be adjusted as much as 55 psi.

If you propose to make use of the water for drinking or washing, you must also run it through an extra purifier (reminiscent of the LifeSaver Jerrycan) to eliminate bacteria and other waterborne pathogens. Chemical treatment, boiling or distillation are also viable options. In either case, the AR-1 eliminates the grueling task of scooping up and pre-filtering water in buckets to feed the purifier.

Building an ecosystem

CANA regulations describe the AR-1 as “the primary and most significant component of CANA’s modular ecosystem.” While we’re unable to announce details yet, now we have heard that the corporate is working on developing accessories that can enhance the water purification process by allowing users to pump water directly from a unclean source right into a clean water tank. The AR-1 can be used to quickly pressurize water vessels for rinsing gear from surfboards to mountain bikes, and may even be used to pressurize a land trailer or small home. We cannot wait to see this ecosystem evolve to incorporate more apps.

For more information on the brand new CANA AR-1 regulations, go to CANA-Provisions.com.

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