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A lonely grandfather texts his granddaughter with tears in his eyes, asking her for a spot to remain

This cute viral video encompasses a lonely grandpa asking his granddaughter for a spot to remain and the plans they eventually make for the night.

Megan Elizabeth is 29 and grew up in Illinois across the road from her grandparents. Her grandmother died of Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago, but her 92-year-old grandfather remains to be with us, although his health is declining.

Recently, Megan’s grandfather texted her asking if she would love to spend the night at his house. And she recorded this video shared on TikTok where showed his heartfelt text messages.

“Hi Megan It’s Grandpa” her grandfather wrote. “Would you want to return over and sleep? I wasn’t feeling well and I miss you. We can order food and watch a mystery show. I really like you, grandpa.”

“Yes! I’ll finish around 7!” Megan replied. “Do you wish me to purchase you something from the shop or something for dinner?”

A lonely grandfather writes to his granddaughter, and their bond could be very touching

“Could you bring some applesauce?” her grandfather replied. “Cinnamon. And when you go anywhere with mashed potatoes, please, because I haven’t any teeth and might only eat soft stuff. ha. I really like you, grandpa.”

“Okay! I’ll see you soon,” she replied.

“Thank you. You are my favorite granddaughter,” he wrote. But Megan made sure she was his only granddaughter.

He then added one other text: “Can you bring me some strawberry ice cream too?”

Later that night, Megan stopped by Grandpa’s house with all of the goodies he asked for. The couple spent a pleasant evening together watching a show and having dinner. Then Megan’s grandfather made her bed and even got up at 5:30 within the morning to say goodbye to her before she left for work.

“I’m grateful to my grandfather and he won’t ever understand how much love he really showed me” shared Megan. “And more importantly, the love he showed my grandmother when she was alive. I feel in love and loyalty for this reason man. He is my hero.”

What a sweet bond these two have! And it’s easy moments like these that will likely be cherished perpetually. God bless the love between a granddaughter and her grandfather!

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