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Kerry Washington Got a Drastic Haircut Between Morning Show Appearances

It’s not unusual for a celeb to alter her hairstyle a bit between TV appearances. Kerry Washingtonfor instance, was seen last night The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with a sleek long ponytail and was spotted this morning Today with a wavy style reaching all the way down to the shoulders. But going up to now as to truly cut just a few inches between performances is a next-level dedication to changing that – and that is exactly what Washington did between Today AND View.

Washington promotes his recent series Not imprisonedon the same old track of night and morning shows, with the primary stop on March 9 Today. Stunning as ever, she wore the cutest bouclé mini dress and a fitted jacket, topped with a middle parting, wavy curls that swept past her shoulders. After jumping to Viewnonetheless, the one thing that hasn’t modified is her white high-heeled shoes.

It seems that along with becoming a black skirt and a lime green belted jacket, Washington gave her a stylist, Takisha Sturdivant-DrewOK to chop your hair with little time between interviews. Until she sat down with View the crew, her waves still parted in the center were just a few inches shorter, now the wavy bob now not touched her shoulders.


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