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How you can get the Crossbow early in MW2 and Warzone 2

Normally, to unlock a crossbow, you should complete it modern war 2seasonal party. The Path of the Ronin event has seven challenges, and completing all of them rewards you with a crossbow. However, a bug was discovered that lets you skip the event, allowing you to get the crossbow early MW2 AND War Zone 2.

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Steps to get a crossbow early MW2 AND War Zone 2

Getting a crossbow early is simpler than you would possibly think. When you load for the primary time modern war 2, you need to spam either ‘B’ or ‘Circle’ on the controller or ‘Escape’ when you are using mouse and keyboard. This will cancel the initialization of the sport and supply the “Go Offline” option.

After choosing “Go Offline”, switch to local multiplayer. Create a recent class and hover over the crossbow under the sniper rifles. Open the crossbow gunsmith, reserve it as a custom mod, then return to the beginning screen. Preparing to get a crossbow at an early stage MW2 is already finished.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

This time, hook up with the web servers as normal and choose “Multiplayer” or “War Zone”. Go to loadout, locate the crossbow again and hold down whatever button or key you utilize to avoid wasting custom mods. By default it would be LT/L2. The crossbow will now appear in your inventory and will be used in-game.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get a crossbow early MW2 AND War Zone 2. This method only works on consolebecause the “Go Offline” option required to access local multiplayer doesn’t exist on PC. However, due to mutual advancement, PC gamers can still use this method in the event that they own the console version modern war 2 or ask a trusted friend who has console access to do it for them.

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