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How turn-based combat works in Honkai Star Rail

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Honkai star railthough it was developed by HoYoverse, it is totally different from Genshin’s strike. One of the important thing highlights here is the combat system. Genshin’s strike it has real-time battles where you’ve gotten to trade characters. Honkai star railmeanwhile, it has turn-based combat that’s slower and more tactical in nature. Here’s our guide to assist explain how turn-based combat works Honkai star rail.

Note: we may have Honkai star rail Guides and have center after the official launch of the sport, so stay tuned.

How turn-based combat works Honkai star rail

Most regular fights in the sport might be began by approaching an enemy in an overworld area and attacking them. There are also various techniques which can be character-specific. For example, the most important character can restore HP, and on March 7 freeze a random enemy. Meanwhile, Sushang and Asta deal physical and fire damage to all enemies respectively when the match starts. There’s also Clara, which is able to increase the prospect of enemies hitting her to activate her Counter Attack mastery.

Honkai Star Rail 1 turn-based combat guide

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In addition, it’s value taking into consideration the enemy’s elemental weakness. On the world map, using a personality to hit an enemy applies a debuff based on this elemental weakness. This can offer you a bonus early within the fight. You can learn more in our guide to elemental and elemental weaknesses.

When it involves Honkai star rail turn-based combat system, there are just a few key mechanics to take into account. But first, take a take a look at the battle HUD:

Honkai Star Rail 2 turn-based combat guide

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Turn-based combat mechanics

  • Turn order – Party members and enemies change through the battle. The order through which they do that relies on their speed stat (i.e. initiative).
  • Normal attacks – Done by default by pressing the “Q” key. It is a weaker attack that increases your skill points.
  • Skills and skill points – Done by default by pressing the “E” key.
    • This is the character’s specialty (i.e. hit multiple targets, single goal DPS, shield or heal).
    • You can only solid skills when you’ve gotten skill points left.
  • Explosions – Made by pressing the corresponding numeric key for the character’s location:
    • The blast meter is progressively filled as characters attack, use skills, or take damage.
    • You may unleash this ability at any time, even when it is just not yet that character’s turn.
    • Since that is independent of a personality’s current turn, it is feasible for that person to perform their normal motion in the identical round.
  • Elemental Weaknesses and Shields – Every enemy in the sport has at the least one elemental weakness.
    • You don’t necessarily elicit reactions, unlike others Genshin’s strike. Instead, you will need to make use of a personality that matches the goal’s elemental weakness to deplete their shield faster. This results in an interrupted state where the enemy will receive an extra elemental effect.
    • Using a personality that does not match the element will likely be ineffective when it comes to dealing damage.
    • The enemy’s shield will likely be fully restored when it starts its turn.
  • Escape – Most encounters allow you to escape in the event that they’re too hard in your current level. You can all the time try again later.
  • Game speed – You can speed up combat animations.
  • Character paths – Another term for that will be ‘classes’, principally the roles each character has in your team. For more information, see our character path guide.
Honkai Star Rail 3 turn-based combat guide

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Honkai star rail is accessible through it official website.

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