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4 Foods to Avoid Eating After Getting a Tattoo

Why are some foods not beneficial after getting a tattoo? Find out here.

4 foods to avoid after getting a tattoo

Last actualisation: February 17, 2023

After getting a tattoo, it is best to make some dietary changes to hurry up the healing process by avoiding certain foods. Some ingredients increase levels of internal inflammation. However, there are also other substances which might be beneficial, akin to vitamin C.

Here we’ll discuss foods to avoid after getting a tattoo to maintain inflammation under control and speed up the healing process. Keep in mind that many must also be curtailed in just about all circumstances, not only after getting a tattoo.

1. Soft drinks

Soft drinks often contain large amounts of added sugars. These elements cause a rise in pancreatic stress on account of elevated blood sugar levels, thereby increasing internal inflammation.

Even its regular consumption in large amounts can be related to an increased risk of developing metabolic problems akin to type 2 diabetes. This is in keeping with study published in Current diabetes reports.

Soft drinks are high in sugar. The high glycemic index delays healing by inhibiting white blood cells.

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2. Fried and breaded dishes

Fried foods alter the lipid profile of food. Fatty acids under the influence of high temperatures transform into trans fatty acids.

We’re talking a couple of series of compounds that have been shown they intensify internal inflammation, in addition to dysfunctions at the extent of mitochondria. They are not fit for consumption at any time, but much less when searching for to maximise the body’s ability to get better from a stressful event.

Fried foods create toxic substances within the food on account of the thermal stress to which the products are subjected.

3. Sausages

Sausages are a source of low-quality artificial additives. An example can be nitrites.

Their consumption has been linked to changes within the body. So much in order that they may increase the incidence of gastrointestinal-related cancersAccording to research published within the journal Nutrients.

For this reason, eating processed pork shouldn’t be beneficial. In the precise context of tattoos, also they are related to increased inflammation within the body.

The nitrites in sausages are very harmful. They are related to the event of malignant pathologies.

4. Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is a toxic substance, whatever the dose consumed. Under no circumstances should or not it’s present within the food regimen.

It alters endogenous protein synthesis and reduces the production of male sex hormones akin to testosterone. It also increases cortisol synthesis, resulting in stress and catabolism.

As if that wasn’t enough, alcohol consumption increases the danger of developing chronic pathologies through the years. It affects not only the work of the center, but in addition the physiology of the central nervous system.

In the actual case of tattoos, alcohol acts as a dehydrating agent. Removing water from the skin through the healing process shouldn’t be useful and will delay fibroblast activity.

Alcohol consumption isn’t beneficial. And much more so after an event that requires proper healing.

What to eat to hurry up the healing of a tattoo?

The best method to speed up healing after a tattoo is Include foods high in vitamin C and vitamin A in your food regimen. Both elements stimulate the synthesis of collagen, probably the most abundant protein within the human body. It is a component of all tissues of the body, and its deficiency is related to problems in healing and a greater risk of muscle injuries.

Among the food products which might be distinguished by the concentration of each nutrients of their interior, we will distinguish:

  • Tomatoes
  • Pepper
  • Citrus fruits

It would even be vital to incorporate other anti-inflammatory foods in our food regimen. The ones that best fulfill this function are those who contain omega-3s – oily fish stand out.

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Avoid certain foods after getting a tattoo to hurry recovery

In conclusion, avoiding certain foods after getting a tattoo is vital to hurry up the recovery process and modulate levels of internal inflammation. In this sense, the consumption of culinary spices akin to turmeric could be beneficial.

Finally, it’s value remembering it’s important to optimize other good habits, akin to adequate sleep. This will help maintain a hormonal balance that can speed up repair processes and reduce inflammation and pain.

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