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A romantic comedy it is best to watch this Valentine’s Day based in your zodiac sign

Whether you are single, throwing an epic party, or simply want something to do along with your better half, romantic comedies are a staple of Valentine’s Day celebrations. Why not? They’re sweet, sometimes spicy, and almost all the time make you suspect in love again before the romance-filled 90 minutes pass. However, not all romantic comedies are mandatory for every body. If you wish a romantic energy that most closely fits your personality, take a look at our list of flicks it is best to watch based in your zodiac sign. I’ll even let you know exactly where you may stream them. You’re welcome!

Aries: bridesmaids (2011)

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Annie Kristin Wiig is an absolute mess. She tries to be present while planning her friend’s wedding, but her life within the dumpster keeps getting in the way in which. There’s friendship jealousy, an unlucky dress fit, and a super-sweet romance with Chris O’Dowd. bridesmaids is ideal for Aries since it looks as if your life is all the time not less than just a little off the rails. To watch bridesmaids (2011) on Amazon Prime.

Bull: DUFF (2015)


Bianca Piper just discovered she’s DUFF in her friend group: “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” Intent on improving her life and at last getting the guy she’s had a crush on for ages, she asks her good neighbor Wesley Rush to show her from a caterpillar to a butterfly. DUFF is ideal for Taurus because you frequently worry that you simply are usually not adequate. To watch DUFF (2015) on Netflix.

Twins: Mean girls (2004)

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Cady Heron is latest to highschool and doesn’t quite understand the social dynamics of the typical teenager. When he meets Regina George and the Plastics, he decides to defeat them by joining them. Of course, this has disastrous consequences, including Cady falling in love with Regina’s ex, Aaron Samuels. Mean girls is ideal for Gemini because you’re keen on your romantic comedies with just a little love and quite a lot of drama. To watch Mean girls (2004) on Paramount+.

Cancer: intercalary year (2010)

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Anna goes to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend spontaneously, a romantic tradition in Ireland. But when her travel plans go awry, she needs the assistance of the cynical and brash Irishman, Declan. This is the story of your dreams from enemies to lovers. intercalary year is ideal for Cancer because you’ve gotten romantic notions that could be helped by falling in love with a cynic. To watch intercalary year (2010) on Netflix.

Lion: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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Here’s one other version of Jane Austen’s classic novel about falling in love with a prickly man who refuses to share his true emotions. This version is top notch due to Mr. Darcy’s (Matthew Macfadyen) impassioned speech on the very end of the film. Sign of severe fainting. Pride and Prejudice it’s perfect for Leo since you thrive on life-changing dramas and would kill to have someone extend their arm at your easy touch. To watch Pride and Prejudice (2005) on Peacock.

Virgin: How to lose a boyfriend in 10 days (2003)

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Journalist Andie (Kate Hudson) devises a foolproof plan for a latest story: Be as scary as possible for a person to prove he cannot stand a clingy, high-spending woman. But oh the way it turns around when she meets Ben (Matthew McConaughey). How to lose a boyfriend in 10 days is ideal for a Virgo because sometimes you wish an excessive amount of control and you will not learn until you meet your counterpart. To watch How to lose a boyfriend in 10 days (2003) on Paramount+.

Libra: helpless (1995)

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Cher loves her friends and can do anything to assist them turn out to be higher people. She is a little bit of a matchmaker for beginner Tai attempting to set her up with classmate Elton. But when Tai reveals that she has a crush on Cher’s brother Josh, Cher has some serious feelings she must cope with. helpless it’s perfect for a Libra since you care a lot about your folks and sometimes you’ve gotten to learn when to present them space. To watch helpless (1995) on Paramount+.

Scorpio: LaLa Land (2016)


She is an aspiring actress. He is a jazz musician who dreams of getting his own jazz club. They support one another as they pursue their dreams, but when their stars don’t line up, they wonder what to do to maintain their deep connection. LaLa Land it’s perfect for Scorpio because you need to consider in love, but it may possibly even be too cynical for a fairytale comfortable ending. To watch LaLa Land (2016) on Netflix.

Gunman: Crazy wealthy Asians (2018)

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Nick invites his Asian-American girlfriend back to Singapore for a marriage. He soon learns some vital things: Singapore is amazing, Nick comes from a wealthy family, and his family is stuffed with a bunch of pretentious snobs who don’t think it’s adequate. Crazy wealthy Asians is ideal for Sagittarius as it would make you fall in love with Singapore – why not?! To watch Crazy wealthy Asians (2018) on HBO Max.

Capricorn: Two weeks (2002)

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Against her higher judgment, humanitarian lawyer Lucy (Sandra Bullock) has taken a job with billionaire businessman George (Hugh Grant). He promised to assist the community, but when he keeps his word, it is time to depart. Two weeks is ideal for Capricorn because you’re keen on control and need to be in control of every thing, much to the chagrin of those that date you. To watch Two weeks (2002) on HBO Max.

Aquarius: Secret admirer (1985)

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Toni is in love along with her best friend Michael and is finally able to tell him so. But when her anonymous letter from a secret admirer falls into the incorrect hands, a mass of misunderstandings leaves everyone stunned. Here’s a message for all fans of the “Friends for Lovers” series. Secret admirer is ideal for an Aquarius since you prefer to be the just one who has seen a long-forgotten gem. To watch Secret admirer (1985) on Amazon FreeVee.

Fish: When Harry met Sally (1989)

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Harry and Sally meet every few years and every time they get on one another’s nerves. The two have different ideas about love and friendship and are probably the most incompatible duo. Or are they? When Harry met Sally is ideal for Pisces since you live for epic slow and massive love confessions. To watch When Harry met Sally (1989) on HBO Max.

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