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Valorant Twitch drops are the right VCT Lock In reward

The biggest international event within the history of Valorant is approaching: VCT Lock In, a competitive FPS series concerning the world championship. Riot Games announced the VCT Lock In drops campaign for the Valorant Champions Tour, which implies you may have the option to grab some sweet in-game loot simply to get into the net motion.

The drops contain two VCT Lock In items: the title “Locked In” and fellow VCT Lock In “Dad Hat”. The title includes a stylized Valorant “V” device on a fluted red ribbon above the Locked In wording, while the “Dad Hat” buddy is a brown baseball cap with finger-painted accents and an eight-pointed Valorant star.

Earning rewards is straightforward: you’ll want to log into your Valorant account and link it to your Twitch or YouTube account. Then it’s only a matter of watching Valorant matches on channels which have drops enabled.

  • To earn the Locked In titlewatch matches live from February 13 to March 4.
  • To get VCT Lock In Dad Hat Buddywatch the match live through the Grand Final on March 4.

These drops are free, but if you happen to’re willing to spend some money, there is a latest VCT Lock In Pod that comes with exclusive cards, a Raze spray, and a beautiful Misericórdia knife in 4 colours, each representing one among Valorant’s esports regions.

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