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This Is the Key to a Long-Lasting Manicure

If you are someone who loves the feel and appear of perfectly polished nails, you’ve got probably also known the heartbreak that comes with chipping or breaking them. (Of course you do.) The fear of messing up your recent manicure could make you must cover your fingertips with bubble wrap or look for brand new methods and products to increase the look of your nails. We wish to allow you to with the latter.

We spoke to nail experts who shared their best practices for maintaining a recent set – up to 3 weeks after a visit.

Meet the experts:

Nail preparation

The key to a long-lasting manicure starts before a single drop of polish falls in your nails. According to the nail stylist Hemi ParkRegardless of the polishes you employ, proper preparation will ensure your success. The artist, who can also be a LeChat educator, recommends flippantly buffing the whole surface of your natural nail and using nail polish remover.

“These steps not only remove oil and debris from the nail, but additionally dehydrate it, which may help [polishes] they adhere thoroughly to the surface of the nails,” he says. We recommend Ulta Beauty The perfect Match Cleanser for this purpose because it sweeps nails clean of impurities with isopropyl alcohol.

Ulta Beauty Collection nail conditioner

Cuticle oil

Brittle nails are vulnerable to chipping and breaking, and experts say cuticle oil is the important thing to keeping nails healthy. “It doesn’t matter what style of enhancement you’ve gotten or in case you prefer regular nail polish – cuticle oil is a must,” says Florida-based nail stylist Anastasia Totty.

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