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I discovered a fantastic apartment — but the owner charges fees for a pet fish

This seems suspicious.

A stunned TikToker who recently discovered that caring for a pet fish can strain her monthly budget.

IN viral TikTok which has garnered over 60,000 views, a lady from Missouri, who passes @nicr__ online, words looked as if it would run out of words in regards to the fees a Kansas City owner charges for a small swimmer.

Attached a screenshot of commercial for an apartment on the Internet which claims the owner allows fish so long as it is just not an “aggressive breed” – albeit for a one-time fee of $200 and a monthly fee of $15.

“Now they charge pet fee for fish?” she signed the video that was posted last week.

TikTokers were blown away that the owner would charge pets for a creature as small as a fish.
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Nicole from St. Louis told The Post she was in search of a spot in Kansas City when she got here across listings with “a variety of bizarre fees.”

While the “fish fee was crazy,” she noticed other ridiculous monthly fees when looking for an apartment – including a “community fee” starting at $100.

“I believe we’re all frustrated with landlords getting away with charging insane rents but then getting us all charged up and it’s all beyond ridiculous,” she told The Post in an email, asking for her name to be withheld for privacy reasons .

She noticed the Westover at The Crosswalks entry with the fish fee on apartments.com, although she said she had not confirmed whether the owner would actually charge her for the fish. Fees are the identical for cats, dogs and birds, in keeping with the announcement.

Monthly rents range from $945 to $1,930 in the brand new five-story complex, which incorporates studios, one- and two-bedroom units. The Post contacted the leasing office for comment.

The worker who answered the phone said that fish is allowed however the tank must not be larger than 25 gallons and have to be in good condition (not leaking) and cleaned incessantly to forestall odor.

The post was then referred to the resident services department, which declined to comment further. On Saturday, the corporate’s office couldn’t be reached immediately.

Hitting the underside: TikToker showed a listing of apartment rentals that features fees for fish.

On TikTok, viewers posted Nicole within the comments section, calling her cancer.

“I didn’t think you needed a permit to fish lol,” one person complained.

“Then they’ll ask you to offer proof that your fish have been spayed and neutered,” gasped one other.

“Just in case a fish rips the carpet,” one user joked.

“Someone had piranhas and messed things up,” another person clowned.

“$200 for a FISH?” growled one other shocked spectator.

tiktok comments
Viewers could speculate within the comments section.

It’s common for landlords to charge for pets – especially cats and dogs – but some tenants are vehemently against such charges, going to great lengths to cover their creatures.

One British woman even reported marrying her cat to avoid landlord fees, the nuptials signaling to landlords that the couple was coming as a package.

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